Sunday, November 9, 2014

DEEPEST BLUE-Late September (2004)


Diving back into the deep end of my music collection now to serve up something that's a different shade of blue. It had to have been at least five years ago when I got wind of the British electronic duo that calls itself DEEPEST BLUE and their breakout trance anthem that shares the same name. Don't remember where exactly; this fascinating digital world we navigate on a day to day basis called cyberspace is so huge and we've taken so many twists and turns that it's quite difficult trying to backtrack. But the instant the sounds of "Deepest Blue" poured into my ears—the energetic electronic arrangement, followed by that techno beat, then the chilled voice of the group's lead vocalist, Joel Edwards—I was hooked like a fish caught out of a river! Loved it so much that it had been a mainstay on the radio playlist I had going while I was running the earliest days of my former blog, "The Music Nexus". Perhaps it was my way of telling the world 'you have got to check this song out'? Probably should've done my first feature of DEEPEST BLUE at that time, but 2014 doesn't seem like it was too late to share what's become one of my all-time favorite trance tunes as well as the British duo's debut on which it can be found: "Late September". Every so often, I must treat myself to a few replays of "Deepest Blue" because it puts a charge into me and gets me going, as most trance tunes do anyways. But with "Deepest Blue", there's that extra chill factor that's embedded in the song's electronic arrangement, plus the infectious main chorus, where the primary beat 'hangs in the air' and a swirly ambiance fills in the vacated space while Joel's hypnotic vocals has this cool echo effect when he's singing the lyrics. Yep—that all keeps me hooked to that fishing line every time I listen in. The regular album version that is Track #8 is surely a thrill, but the completely chilled-out acoustic version has its beautiful charm with the added keyboard arrangement and the dreamy soundscape giving you that 'laying back on the beach shore' feel. Acoustics, in fact, run very deep all throughout "Late September". Although the band is considered a part of the electronic music genre, their music could certainly pass as something suitable for the easy-listening/adult contemporary genre, as many of the album's selections sound like something you would her on the popular radio channels. Turn the dial to "Is it A Sin?", the warming "Shooting Star", the title track or "Say Goodbye", and you'll know what I mean. But then again, you eventually get a few club remixes of the first pair, so the laid-back acoustics only end up with the music playing on the dance floor anyways. Everywhere else outside of these remixes, trancey anthem "Deepest Blue" and the smooth downtempo cut "Give It Away", the music is nicely chilled, whether it's the opener, "Be Still My Heart", or the trippy "Can't Believe" (this one has an uplifting, heavenly air about it) or my #2 favorite on the album, "Spread A Little Love", where you get some rhythm and beat with the airy ambiance, resulting in something that could quite literally whisk you off to some idyllic sunny paradise once the music breathes into your senses:

1.Be Still My Heart
2. Can't Believe
3. Is it A Sin?
4. Give It Away
5. Turn Out Right
6. Shooting Star
7. Late September
8. Deepest Blue
9. Say Goodbye
10. Spread A Little Love

*****BONUS TRACKS*****

11. Deepest Blue (Acoustic)
12. Shooting Star (Club Radio Edit)
13. Shooting Star (Full Intention Remix)
14. Is It A Sin? (Cicada's Stadium Remix)

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