Thursday, November 13, 2014

Joel Edwards-Lost And Found (2006)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: November 13, 2014

The voice of DEEPEST BLUE may have gotten lost in the sea of music over time, but I've fished him and his proper solo album out of the water to make him found again. DEEPEST BLUE's 'Late September" album, was, more or less, a sneak preview of the musical style that Joel would eventually adopt for his 2006 project, "Lost And Found". Take away the thrilling trance cuts, and you virtually get a second batch of chilled acoustic tunes. But you know what? In the words of the title to a memorable Jody Watley song that I love to quote from time to time, the music is still a thrill. That's because, when you take in the orchestral melodies and layer them with Joel's soft, breathy voice, you get a laid-back, easy-listening sound that's soooooooooooo nice on the ears. "Happen" just so 'happens' to be the first of my favorites for that very reason, along with "Warm Gold Sun" (this one truly is heartwarming, thanks to the gentle tenderness of Joel's voice delivering the lyrics) and "Lay Down" (the acoustics here are fabulous, especially with that delicate piano backing things up). Fans of the TV drama "7th Heaven" may get a kick of nostalgia tuning in to Track #4's "Let You Go"; doesn't it remind you of Paula Cole's "I Don't Want To Wait"? The latter, of course, was the show's theme song, playing during the opening credits. Except the melancholy mood to Joel's "Let You Go" is much different than the more hopeful, inspirational mood of Paula's memorable hit. One of the album's finest orchestral movements and production moments occurs right at the beginning within the first minute or so to "We're OK". And with a slightly jazzed-up conclusion, this one's a-OK with me. A bit of upswing with the grooves and a more soulful, scruffy-voiced Joel Edwards makes Track #7's "Deal Again" another album highlight. In just a little over half and hour, you will have only gotten halfway submerged into the acoustic world of the DEEPEST BLUE vocalist. Recommended is at least a few additional replays of my favorite selections, and only then will your full immersion be completed:

1. We're OK
2. Happen
3. Swim This Ocean
4. Let You Go
5. Costello
6. Warm Gold Sun
7. Deal Again
8. Eve So Blue
9. Lay Down
10. Little Old Star

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