Tuesday, November 4, 2014

LA RUE-Do It For Love (1991)


Yeah, do listen to this next treat of mine if you love music! And since just about all who visits "The Music Spectrum" is a music lover, then that statement applies to everybody! I've been looking out for my friend 'Nastyg' over at the "Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars" blog and tracked down this rare second and final studio album by the r&b/new jack swing group called LA RUE, not to be confused with the CCM band by the same name (minus the space between 'LA' and 'RUE'). In the process, of course, I had to help myself to a listen, and let's just say that I'm glad I did it! It's totally right that the opener should be entitled "Serious", because there is some serious slammin' jammin' happenin' here! I was hooked in an instant, then the hooks penetrated me further when the soulicious voices of the LA RUE crew dazzled my ears! And you know when I fall head over heels for these types of songs, I gotta go out of my way to find at least one remix or two to put the icing on the cake! In this case, I only came up with the 6+ minute 12-inch club mix, but hey, I'll take it! Hard to top the opener—and so hard to move beyond it!—but the crew's got more serious beats for you to jam to with "I Told You So" (is it me, or does that synthesized string accompaniment sound like a snippet from the familiar theme song to the "Inspector Gadget" cartoon?), "My Heart Says Yes", "I Only" and my surprise of the day, a brilliant r&b cover of SHALAMAR's dancey classic, "A Night To Remember"—refreshed and redressed with a new rap twist midway through to bring it up into the hip-hop era of 90's. But not only does the LA RUE crew swing it on the upbeat; they swing it on the downbeat as well, giving you plenty to groove to with "Still In Love", "Wish I Could Find Another" (thanks to the pair of bonus mixes for this one I collected, this one gets extended even further) and the sweetly jazzed-up concluding cut, "This Time". In all seriousness, this is one of the best old-school r&b albums I've checked out within the past month, and should you decide to do the same, I recommend that you do what the album's title suggests and 'do it for love':

1. Serious
2. I Told You So
3. Still In Love
4. My Heart Says Yes
5. A Night To Remember
6. Think Of Me
7. Wish I Could Find Another
8. I Only
9. This Time (Prelude)
10. This Time

*****BONUS TRACKS*****

11. Serious (12'' Club)
12. Wish I Could Find Another (Heavenly Mix)
13. Wish I Could Find Another (12'' Jeep Mix)

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