Wednesday, November 19, 2014

MACKINTOSH BRAUN-Where We Are (2010)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: November 19, 2014

More marvelous mmmmmmmmmmusic from the 'M' entries in my digital collection (and yes, I purposely typed all of those M's to emphasize that thirteenth letter of the English alphabet). And seeing how this continuing 'M' series of mine has crossed paths paths with my continued trek into the realm of chill-out trance, I thought I'd present a relatively unknown voice to "The Music Spectrum": the Portland, Oregon based electronic duo called MACKINTOSH BRAUN. I had the pleasure of getting introduced to these two guys somewhere during my earliest chill-out music voyages almost a decade ago. It was the song titled "Here" that attracted me: a cool mix of their hushed, dispassionate, double-layered vocals, a light synthpop beat, a suspenseful vibrating drone and a hypnotic ambient backdrop. The complexity of different textures happening with the production in junction with the simplistic lyrics caused my ears to receive the music well, so "Here" is what eventually led me to get both their 2007 debut album, "The Sound", then eventually their second effort, "Where We Are", which happens to be 'where we are' with this particular post. Either of the two albums is a perfect late-night listening companion when you are in that 'winding down' mode (like I myself was in as the twelve o'clock hour approached Tuesday night) and want to be pulled into that trancey mental state. And besides that, listening to the Portland, Oregon duo's music feels I've teleported back in time back into the 80's, which the nostalgic music lover in me will forever be drawn to. While I like every one of the ten selections here on "Where We Are", each of them worthy of inclusion on a chill-out mix playlist, some are an instant catch with me in particular: the opener, "Could It Be?" (it's that soothing, dreamy and spacey ambiance that gets to me on this one); "Unfortunate"; "Nothing Else Is Real" (love that subtle electronic calypso accompaniment and the eerie, angelic chanting in the background); "I Won't Fall" and the concluding title track (the downtempo dance beats to this latter pair is something for the electronic music fanatics to truly appreciate):

1. Could It Be?
2. Familiar
3. Unfortunate
4. Frozen
5. I Won't Fall
6. Nothing Else Is Real
7. Made For Us
8. Line In The Sand
9. To Protect
10. Where We Are

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