Saturday, November 8, 2014

Mendez-Adrenaline (2002)


I haven't officially declared a complete relaunching of another 'M' series through my music collection yet, but I am still exploring a lot of tunes by some old familiar names under this letter of the alphabet. That exploration took an unexpected turn today when, coincidentally, I got newly introduced to another 'M' artist: the Chilean-Swedish DJ who goes by Mendez. Actually, I wasn't going through my own library when I discovered him; I'd had my mind on getting back into some Latin Eurodance music, so I'd browsed through a music database and eventually led me right in his direction. Although 'Eurodance' isn't exactly the style of music featured on Mendez's third solo album, there's sure to be something to get your adrenaline pumping here on 2002's "Adrenaline". It's a terrific mixture of the signature Latin salsa rhythms mixed in with a bit of Spanish hip-hop, r&b and straight up lively dance-pop. So whether you're fluent, even partially fluent, or not fluent at all in Spanish, you can't help but to enjoy the bombastic beats pounding through your ears up and down the album and feel like movin' a little to to the music. For me, it was a listening paradise, being mostly fluent in my favorite foreign language and able to understand quite a bit of the Spanish lyrics. But it's always fun when these kinds of albums are performed in Spanglish, a combination of Spanish and my native tongue on the fly. And on every one of them, Mendez lays down the skills with some seamlessly-flowing rap—all performed entirely in Spanish. I'd say the jams that totally got my adrenaline pumping are the opener, "Blanca", plus the festively fabulous title track (those blaring horns are a must in these Latin-inspired tunes!), the dancey salsa cut "No Criminal", "Bite The Bullet" and the hard-edged cut "Caca" (the r&b bounce, suspenseful melody and the eerie flute accompaniment gives this one a 'gangsta' kinda feel). "Shut Your Mouth" is a favorite cut of mine because I like the rather humorous lyrics and the way Mendez says 'boca' when he's rapping ('boca' means 'mouth' for you non-Spanish speakers out there). It would be a crime not to favor "No Criminal" with that lively Latin salsa flavor spicing up the music, nor the smooth bossa nova-inspired groove "Comme Si, Comma Ca", which features the sensual voice of an unknown female vocalist. It appears I've just latched on to another sensational Latin sensation, so it might not be very long before that adrenaline rush I experienced here takes over and gets me charged up for a mad dash through the remainder of the DJ's discography:

2. Shut Your Mouth
3. Second Coming
4. Adrenaline
5. Cross The Border
6. No Criminal
7. Don't Quit Your Dayjob
8. Enter Kingdom
9. Bite The Bullet
10. Masterplan
11. BloodLine
12. So What
13. Comme Si, Comme Ca
14. Caca
15. 40 Days In The Desert
16. Blanca (Version Español)
17. Adrenaline (Version Español)

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