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MILK INC.-Closer (2003)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: November 15, 2014

Continuation of my trance/chill-out series or the second beginning of my 'M' series? Both! The Belgian Eurodance project that calls itself MILK INC. is virtually the voice of Nikkie Van Lierop, who is also known by her moniker Jade 4U, whom I'd coincidentally just featured here just over a week ago. My followers who've come to know my listening habits may think they have a pretty good idea of what prompted me to get MILK INC.'s "Closer". Me being the ultimate sucker for cover songs of the 80's, it would be easy to assume that I got the Belgian group's fourth studio album just to enjoy the opening track—a thrilling Eurodance remake of A-HA's 1985 hit, "The Sun Always Shines On TV". Yes, I do indeed love this re-energized MILK INC. remake, and you even get a pair of remixes here on this special eighteen-track edition. But surprise—"The Sun Always Shines On TV" wasn't the reason I wanted this album! And in fact, it wasn't even the first song by MILK INC. that I'd heard! Instead, that noteworthy distinction belongs to the album's sixth track, "I Don't Care", which had belonged on an old playlist I'd created like eons ago (well, no more than 11 years ago, anyway). It's not just the high-energy beat and the melody that enticed me, but the very catchy nature of the song's lyrics themselves, however negative they may be. 'You're a total waste of time, you'll never be mine': those are the words that got my attention and keep me tuned in whenever I hear it. Then seeing as "I Don't Care" is presented as a 'Radio Edit', where, then, are the remixes for this one? Would love to have 'em! A good three-and-a-half minutes spent on that cut, and I imagine Eurodance lovers would milk the clock even further spending minutes upon minutes with some of my other high-energy favorites: "Time", "Goodbye Says It All", the non-vocal production treat "Blown Away" (I love the distorted ambiance, the driving drum beat and the distant wailing here), "Wide Awake" (starts off slow, but then explodes to life with its waves of super-glitzy techno) the dazzling "Wish", whose glitzy, perky electronic arrangement reminds me of those Six Flags commercials where that older gentleman in the black suit and glasses is dancing (love the bass line and the haunting chanting of the unified, angelic voices, too). Every Eurodance album, of course, has to have that one or two obligatory slow tunes to cool things down for a while, and there are a pair of such occurrences here on "Closer" that allow you to get, keeping in theme with the album's title, up close and personal with the MILK INC. vocalist. Such a wonderful coincidence that I'd get to listen to the dreamy ballad called "November" here in this month of November; it's a perfect choice for your chillout mix. And right before the trio of remixes that formally conclude the album, there's Nikkie's sublime acoustic piano duet with a male vocalist who goes by Regi (and now I've got yet another artist I need to check out, as I've just found out that he's quite a well-known figure in the world of trance music himself). So grab your milk and cookies, and dunk this album into your music collection:

1. The Sun Always Shines On TV
2. Whisper
3. Goodbye Says It All
4. Wish
5. Breathe Without You
6. I Don't Care [feat. Silvy] (Radio Edit)
7. Time
8. Closer
9. Nothing To You
10. Shine On
11. November
12. Wide Awake
13. Sleeepwalker
14. Blown Away
15. Maybe [feat. Regi]
16. The Sun Always Shines On TV (Original Extended)
17. The Sun Always Shines On TV (Vandoren Remix)
18. Time (Kevin Marshall's Rewind Mix)

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