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Mo.Man-Believer (1992)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: November 23, 2014

Soul house—this next acquisition of mine has be exactly what my Romanian friend Leo would like to hear, given our past Eurodance discussions. The soulful singer named Duane Moman is very much a complete and total mystery to me, but it didn't take very long for this 'Mystery Man' to make me a believer out of him once I got into his marvelous 1992 album! A bit of investigation on my part reveals that there are at least a couple of different versions to "Believer". Sure would be nice to get my hands on the Japanese Version which, of course, contains an alternate track-listing with additional exclusive recordings, but just discovering my latest dance thrill of the day was enough to make my ten-track edition more than worth my time! I've been running around in circles with the album's sixth track, a great take-you-back-to-the-good-ole-90's house jam whose happy melody and groovy rhythm just sticks to you from the moment the music starts! Really, I could've listened to just the main chorus where Duane's voicing of 'running' and 'trying to catch myself' are looped over and over in that classic 90's house style. Making it even more of a thrill is his free-flowing, light-hearted rap, and I know good and well how nice on the ears that rap was back in the late 80's and early 90's during the C & C MUSIC FACTORY/SOUL II SOUL era. I'm curious what other remixes of "Running" are out there besides this album's 'Definite Mix'? Gotta get 'em all! But before I started running around in circles with this jam, the house party started way at the top with the album's title track. The big catch to this one besides Duane's booming voice? That seductive saxophone jazzing up the music so nicely! That saxing up, in fact, is a recurring theme, being heard on the funktafied follow-up cut, "Chase The Blues Away", the sweet r&b selection "Girl On My Mind" (some mighty deep vocals by Duane here when he's speaking in that seductive tone; almost Barry White-like even) and the jazz/funk extravaganza that is my second favorite, "Scary Situation" (a very good message broken down by Duane when he raps out his good advice about sexual intercourse). Seems the soulful singer shared the same sentiments with the 80's r&b duo CALLOWAY, because not only does he 'wanna be rich', he's got plenty of big dreams, too, on the album's eighth track (the groove here is simply awesome!). By the time you're midway through the album, you've already heard the six unique selections; alternate remixes of the opener and "Big Dreams" fill up the remaining 20+ minutes. Though I've extended your listening pleasure for an additional 15 minutes, thanks to my inclusion of a couple of remixes of a song Duane collaborated on called "The Truth". These are more than just 'soul house'; they're more like Gregorian/New Age house this time around—the combination of the suspenseful, haunting ambiance created by the monotonic chanting in the background with the deep bass. I would sure like to hear plenty more of this Mo.Man, as I believe there is a lot more to him and his music than just this one solo release:

1. Believer (Jazz House Mix)
2. Chase The Blues Away (Homeless Mix)
3. Girl On My Mind (The Lovers Mix)
4. Scary Situation (The Condom Mix)
5. Big Dreams (The Soul Mix)
6. Running (The Definite Mix)
7. Believer (Original Mix)
8. Big Dreams (The Hyped-Up Mix)
9. Believer (Analog Mix)
10. Believer (The Lee Sax Mix)

*****BONUS TRACKS*****

11. The Truth (feat. XD Quest) (Black Rhythm Mix)
12. The Truth (feat. XD Quest) (Cathedral Mega Dance Mix)

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