Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sandelin-Activity! (1994)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: November 22, 2014

From a decade of music to a night of music—I thought I'd let the tunes keep me company for a few hours on this Saturday evening, and I got the action started with some electrifying Eurodance 'activity' by the Swedish singer Christer Eric Sandelin (yes, yet another return to my favorite Scandinavian country to satisfy my music cravings). I'm so proud of myself for making this excellent discovery on my own! Fits right in sync with my current trance express! The 'activity' gets under way in high-energy fashion with the groovy opener, "Kitsch Will Make You Happy". That word 'kitsch'—it always makes me laugh somewhat, given it's rather quirky pronunciation and its humorous meaning. Something tawdry, showy and cheap—that's really supposed to make a person happy? Guess it depends on your personal taste. Well all I can say is that jamming to "Kitsch Will Make You Happy" made me happy, especially the joyful sing-along chanting of 'H-A-P-P-Y' in the second part of the song's main hook. Some bubblegum Eurodance happening there? It's the bombastic bass line that lifts me up on the album's second groovy dance cut, "Spirits". Then it wouldn't be long after that when my spirits would get lifted to the highest peak and I'd get my thrill of the day: "It's Alright By Me". This jam is just as groovy as the two cuts before it, but what totally got me addicted to it is the vocal explosion in the main hook where the title lyrics are looped over and over. In fact, just listening to the hook by itself was 'alright' by me for real! The other lyrics, which suggest something about a lady wanting to part ways and end the relationship with the Swedish singer, were kinda secondary for me. Right after this one became my next entry to my 'Energy Mix' playlist (that's reserved for my favorite techno, trance and Eurodance thrillers), my "Upbeat Mix' got a new addition when my ears took in the album's fourth track, "My Girl". Nope—it's not a cover of THE TEMPTATIONS classic, but it's a marvelous love song about all of the wonderful things that Sandelin would do if the girl he wants was his. Though before I'd hear any of those those romantic lyrics, the reggae-inspired mid-tempo beat, the sweet melody and the haunting unified voices are what first suckered me into this one. And nope—the track right afterwards isn't a cover of the KOOL & THE GANG classic, but it's more or less a high-octane techno extension of "My Girl", as the Swedish singer has more romantic things to say. But then, I guess that budding romance is all dead and gone by the time you get to "Love Is A Killer". And from love being a killer to just being in pain altogether—the album's seventh cut is a killer trance masterpiece. The lost love, however, seems to have come back by the time you get to the final trio: "My World" (I like the easy-flowing, bouncy dance beat to this one), "If You Were Here" (terrific club vibe here) and "I Do It For You" (a rave music lover's dream, this one is, with its big-time bass line and minimal vocals). And thinking about the word 'rave' now..... I could rave on and on all night about how much I enjoyed this latest discovery of mine. But as that old saying goes—"action speaks louder than words"—getting this album and listening for yourself should be the next action that you take:

1. Kitsch Will Make You Happy
2. Spirits
3. It's Alright By Me
4. My Girl
5. Fresh
6. Love Is A Killer
7. Pain
8. My World
9. If You Were Here
10. I Do It For You

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