Wednesday, November 19, 2014

SYSTEMS IN BLUE-Point Of No Return (2005)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: November 19, 2014

Yeah, it kinda feels like I have indeed reached the 'point of no return' with all of this cool trance and electronic music I've been checking out lately. 'Cause once I get started, it seems like there's no stopping in sight! So while I'm on this hot streak, I thought now would be a good time to dive in a bit deeper with the German synthpop group SYSTEMS IN BLUE. This trio was recommended to me by at least a couple of my closest music followers, and I'm never one to pass up on a recommendation. My little fun fact for the day was finding out the members of this group served as supporting singers for two of the more popular Dieter Bohlen productions: MODERN TALKING and BLUE SYSTEM. Still seems that I'm just getting my feet wet with both of those productions, actally—I believe I've only heard three of MODERN TALKING's albums, in fact, plus a scattering of their hits from the 80's—so I'm pretty much in the same boat with SYSTEMS IN BLUE. Not surprisingly, then, I noted how the music here on the German trio's 2005 debut project sounds remarkably similar to MODERN TALKING's dancey electronic synthpop style. And not only that, but the hooks to their songs share an identical style, too—those lofty, high-voiced sing-along choruses that have this heavenly air about them. So naturally, I was attracted to the opening title track the first time I heard it several months ago. Then today, I'd get my first crack at "Winner", which truly was a winning moment for me on this album! I like that soulful wailing voice of the lady in the introductory movement, followed by the suspenseful melody and that catchy sing-along chorus I just mentioned. Speaking of voices, I made a mental note to myself that the trip's lead singer, Rolf Köhler, sounds a lot like Dieter Bohlen—straining and aching, as I like to describe it. I've had an ear for the chill-out grooves all week, and "Point Of No Return" features some really nice ones: "Avalon (And She's Gone...)", "The Story of Lara Layne" (it always sounds strange to me when 'Lara' is pronounced as 'LAYER-uh' because I always mispronounce it as 'LAW-ruh', and now I'm suddenly thinking about all of those "Tomb Raider" games starring Lara Croft), the warming island-inspired "Sarah's Dream" and the concluding piece, "Only 4 U" (this one's a beauty, ending in grand fashion with the happy overtures sounding from the horns). I was totally eaten alive by the energetic "Every Little Thing", with it's bouncy, 80's-style perkiness, and "Can't Stand The Pain", where the hard, pulsating techno beneath the beat is what gives that one a real punch. I had treated myself to a couple of my favorite songs by the Swedish dance group BODIES WITHOUT ORGANS earlier today and last night, so when I saw that the sixth track was entitled"Voodoo Queen", I couldn't help but to think about BWO's "Voodoo Magic". Well, there is some magic a few tracks after that with the cut called "Magic Mystery", so in a way, I got a different kind of 'Voodoo Magic'. "Voodoo Queen", by the way, is a fun song, as the lyrics warn the guys out there to beware of falling in love with a 'jungle dream', as she's called. I may not be a systems analyst professionally, but my amateur analysis of SYSTEM IN BLUE's "Point Of No Return" tells me that its music has brought back the good ole sound of the 80's by popular demand:

1. Point Of No Return
2. Winner
3. A Thousand And One Nights
4. Avalon (And She's Gone...)
5. Every Little Thing
6. Voodoo Queen
7. The Story Of Lara Layne
8. Calling Lady Loraine
9. Sarah's Dream
10. Le Vent M'a Dit
11. Can't Stand The Pain
12. Magic Mystery
13. Only 4 U

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