Wednesday, November 19, 2014

ZOOT WOMAN-Living In A Magazine (2001)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: November 19, 2014

Following my late-night drive with MACKINTOSH BRAUN's "Where We Are", I thought I'd do some more early-morning chilling out with the pop group called ZOOT WOMAN. So there was the Australian rock band called ZOOT (whom I previously featured), and then there's this ZOOT WOMAN; I don't suppose that both of these outfits had some good fashion sense, eh? Plus some good music sense, too, of course, though in the case of the latter, it's more of a punkish/new wave/synthpop thing going on. And best of all, it sounds like the awesome 80's! It's usually that very first song that sparks my interest in any new album I listen to these days, and here on ZOOT WOMAN's debut, "Living In A Magazine", that honorable distinction shall be awarded to "It's Automatic". Just one pass of the soothing vocals of lead singer Johnny Blake, the distorted, robotic backup vocals, the light synthpop beat, the downtempo jazzy groove and the simple looping of the lyrics 'I got a feeling, it's automatic' and I was automatically hooked! Consider this one as another excellent choice for the chill-out playlist! The punk-inspired influence first comes to the forefront on the album's title track right afterwards. As for shades of the awesome 80's? That's represented twice—on Track #3's "Information First", then on my #1 favorite, "Jessie" (it always seems that these songs dedicated to a lady sound really good)—as each possesses that signature synthpop production from my favorite decade with a catchy dance element embedded in it. Appealing to my ears almost exactly like the opener is the album's fifth cut, "Nobody Knows": simple beat, simple production and simple looped lyrics ('nobody knows we're falling' being the song's primary hook). And for us instrumental music lovers, an ambient, 2+ minute non-vocal reprise follows it. A bit more chilling out going on in "Chicago, Detroit, L.A." (yeah, you could do some real chillin' with the nightlife happening in those three cities), though of the more trip-hop variety. Then on "Losing Sight", the synthesizing and electro-popping have pretty much been dropped all together in favor of a more acoustic layout. A good place to really take in Johnny Blake's vocals if they haven't already stuck with you after hearing "It's Automatic" at the beginning. So seeing that my first issue of ZOOT WOMAN was a successful read, I look forward to extending my subscription with the group and pouring through their second edition:

1. It's Automatic
2. Living In A Magazine
3. Information First
4. You And I
5. Nobody Knows (Part One)
6. Nobody Knows (Part Two)
7. The Model
8. Jessie
9. Chicago, Detroit, L.A.
10. Losing Sight
11. Holiday Home

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