Monday, July 27, 2015

CHEEKY GIRLS-Party Time (2003)


From "Showtime" to "Party Time"—let's all have a good time with the Romanian bubblegum Eurodance duo that called itself THE CHEEKY GIRLS. Yeah, with a name like that, there's got to be some bubblegum to be chewed on and savored here—lots and lots of it, in fact, and so sticky sweet and full of sugar that you'll be giggling like a happy little kid all the way through! Just when I thought that the fellow bubblegum Eurodance act, THE FAST FOOD ROCKERS, were a hoot—these CHEEKY GIRLS have got them beat! And just like that British trio's got their unforgettably delicious anthem, "The Fast Food Song", this Romanian duo's got a senseless dance anthem of their own: "Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum)". What kind of bum? At first, I thought the title read 'Touch My Bun', as in 'hamburger bun' or 'hot dog bun'; may as well have been, eh? It doesn't get any more cheesy than that, ladies and gentlemen.....or does it? Yeah. it does later on with the duo's second cheesy anthem: "Hooray Hooray (It's A Cheeky Holiday)". Actually, this one takes the cake for being cheesy—a cheerful sing-along performed nursery rhyme style with the merriest of melodies chiming along with the beat. But the girls sound so cute with their Romanian accent that you can't help but to love it! Yet that's not all the cheese served up in this bubblegum fiesta. "Salsa In The Disco": a little sugar and some spice? You got it! I had so much fun with this jam, the sugar being the silly dance lyrics—'1-2-3, do the shaky shaky'—and the spice being the awesome beat, which does have a bit of a salsa rhythm, though it's mixed in with some Europop hop and the unusual chords of the EXTREMELY infectious main chorus. Speaking of hop, the girls do their own brand of hip-hop—bubblegum style, of course—on this album's ninth track. All they have to do is sing the words 'I like hip hop' for most of the way through and put a nice mid-tempo synthpop beat behind it, and you've got another guilty pleasure to satisfy your sugar rush. It's bouncy tunes like that one that make me feel like a kid again and tickle my ears the most, and there's a trio of other ones that cause the exact same thing: "Mickey Blue", the delightfully sunny reggae-inspired tune, "Summer Fun", and one that I couldn't help but to include as a special bonus treat when I saw the hilarious video for it on Youtube: "Have A Cheeky Christmas". And just how does one even have a cheeky Christmas? Bust some quirky dance moves, slap on some Christmas costumes, add some jingly holiday bells..... Watch the video and you'll be spreading some bubblegum holiday cheer in no time! Yet the best early-Christmas gifts for my ears personally came to me on Track #3 with "Take Your Shoes Off" (yes, even more bubblegum dance-floor filler to get filled up on; just try to keep those dancing shoes on, jiving to the happy chanting of 'shake it shake it, move it move it', as the catchy main chorus goes) on Track #5 with the disco-friendly "Celebration", which gets bestowed with my latest 'Music Surprise Of The Day' award for sampling the groovy synthpop beat to DEPECHE MODE's "Lie To Me":

1. Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum)
2. Salsa In The Disco
3. Take Your Shoes Off
4. Get The Party On
5. Celebration
6. Summer Fun
7. Hooray Hooray (It's A Cheeky Holiday)
8. Mickey Blue
9. Hip Hop
10. Magic
11. Espanola Dream
12. Follow My Star

*****BONUS TRACK*****

13. Have A Cheeky Christmas

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