Thursday, July 30, 2015

ERASURE-Light At The End Of The World (2007)


With the sun rising to signal another beautiful day, I thought I'd share something else that's beautiful here at "The Music Spectrum". Actually, I've shared it before—about six years ago, to be precise: "Light At The End Of The World", one of the many brilliant albums recorded by the British synthpop super duo of Vince Clarke and Andy Bell, otherwise known to the mainstream pop music world as ERASURE. I'd alluded to it before in my re-postings of CODE RED's "Crimson" and SKY's "Piece Of Paradise", but I am continuing my quest to occasionally re-blog previously-featured albums that I felt either I didn't give my complete thoughts to or didn't have available in the best of sound quality. Both are important to me, and besides that, I have simply missed listening to Andy Bell and company, particularly his recordings from the late 90's into the early and middle part of this New Millennium. 'So why not jump start that with one of my favorite ERASURE albums?', I thought to myself. Three things I've always adored about ERASURE: Andy Bell's tender vocals, their sweet melodies and their cool electronic arrangements that always gives their music a happy, carefree sound, much like everything pop that was recorded back in the good ole 80's. Funny I should mention 'adored', because it just so happens that the word 'adore' is part of the title to one of the songs here on "Light At The End Of The World" that I truly do adore: "How My Eyes Adore You". I'd gotten that 'oh-yeah, now-I-remember-that-one' sensation as soon as the music started—upbeat and heavily synthesized, with the part I 'adore' the most being that terrific instrumental beat break before the main chorus steps in. That one has remained on my special playlist of favorites for years now, and I can proudly say the same thing about two others that I adore just the same: "Sunday Girl" and "Fly Away". I'd heard the former, coincidentally, for the first time on a Sunday, in fact, while driving home one morning, and it had instantly stuck to me, namely the line of the main chorus that goes 'you're rushing down like a roller coaster'. And of course, I just have affection for these sad kinds of songs with the somber tonality altogether. As for "Fly Away", it was an instant attraction for me, too, but hearing it again after years of silence, I've noted how much soul that Andy Bell put into the lyrics he's singing. It's especially nice hearing those vocals soaring during a couple of movements, and it's those same soaring vocals that now makes me adore Track #6's "Golden Heart" as well. Golden heart—it takes a person having one, I must say, to write such lovely, poetic words as those delivered on the heart-warming trio of "When A Lover Leaves You", "Darlene" and "Glass Angel", each one perfectly placed on this album one after the other, although I found the latter of the trio to be somewhat haunting at times. Then thinking about the warming ambiance on those, I now reflect back on another jewel I've met with adoration: "Storm In A Teacup". I'm always one for dreamy, atmospheric ambiances, and this song has plenty of it to keep me and my ears happy while taking in the subtle background techno and soaking up the colorful lyrics. I surely need to hear that one again, and I have the same sentiments about "I Could Fall In Love With You", which was another 'ah-ha, I-remember-that-one-also' moment for me the second the groovy synthpop beat triggered in my memory. "Light At The End Of The World"—a great sunny start to lighten up your day:

1. Sunday Girl
2. I Could Fall In Love With You
3. Sucker For Love
4. Storm In A Teacup
5. Fly Away
6. Golden Heart
7. How My Eyes Adore You
8. Darlene
9. When A Lover Leaves You
10. Glass Angel
11. Be My Baby
12. I Don't Know Why

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