Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Gerard Joling-Corazón (1990)


Speaking of singers with glorious voices..... It's an even more of a glorious day whenever I get to hear my favorite Dutch singer! Make that two days! After a momentary period of silence (well, if more than a couple of months can be considered momentary), I was determined to get back in tune with Gerard Joling yesterday by checking out another one of his solo albums that I hadn't yet treated myself to: "Corazón". Of course, me being the Spanish music lover that I am, the title—which means 'heart'—was reason enough to compel me to get it (besides it simply being another chance to reacquaint myself with Gerard Joling himself), believing the tunes contained within would somehow have a Spanish flavor of some kind. On target again, as I usually am; both the album's lovely title track and the very romantic "Las Palabras De Amor" (that means 'The Words Of Love') are filled with Spanish lyrics, and with Gerard's voice delivering every word, my own heart was melting and aching at the same time. "Corazón" and "Las Palabras De Amor": totally breathtaking (I particularly like when his voice is soaring on the singing of just 'corazón' in the final movements of the former), but they're just two of the marvelous gems within this golden treasure chest that may as well be a musical Pandora's box, because once I started listening, I didn't want to stop, as every song here is a golden moment in its own special way! A beautiful voice and excellent production: works wonders on the ears, and my dilemma is only compounded when one particular dazzling song has played and I ache to hear it again.....and again.....and again! The dreamy island paradise that is the opener, "Blue Eyes In The Rain", is the latest in the startling series of two-minute teases I've been getting hooked on lately.....and it's the ones like this that make me want to listen to this man all day long. Others that have that exact same effect on me: "When Nobody Needs You" (I was in heaven with this one and its bluesy and jazzy sway of the slow groove), "It Feels So Good It Almost Hurts" , "All Summer Long" (the graceful flow makes it so ideal for riding along to in the summer breeze, and I love that shift in the tempo with the cool bossa nova break), "When Love Calls Out Your Name" (a little touch of Latin flavor here too with that distinctive Spanish guitar) and the haunting gem, "The Rhythm Divine", where Gerard's divine vocals reign supreme. I knew that I must've been destined to listen to this album when I got my latest 'Music Surprise Of The Day' and took in the Dutch singer's alluring cover of the Judy Garland signature classic, "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". What an amazing coincidence that I'd finally get to hear Gerard's version after many days of me listening to—and being hooked to—a special Jody Garland CD I've had spinning in my car stereo: "The London Sessions", which is a great compilation of Broadway and other jazz standards. It's a classic whose poetic words I can recite from memory and my ears will never get tired of listening to. Mi corazón (that means 'my heart'; showing off a little Spanish there), was really happy on a couple of fun, upbeat numbers: "The Key Of Love" (an easy one to get addicted to with its perky sing-along bounce) and the festive "The Drums Are Everywhere", which reminds me of a modern cover of THE TOKENS classic, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", that I heard in a TV commercial a while back with the tribal beats and the slight tropical jungle vibe happening here. Yet the most priceless gem within this golden treasure chest wasn't uncovered until I got to the album's concluding cut simply called "Seasons". Yes, its title is simple, but it's also the grandest of finales, starting off with a cinematic orchestral overture, leading in to a majestic operatic duet between Gerard and the earth-shattering baritone of another male vocalist, then blossoming with the operatic voice of a female singer and the backing unified choir. A round of applause is deserved for such a stunning performance! And now that I look back on all of these wonderful gems I've listened to, "Corazón" is a lot more than just beautiful music with a Spanish appeal; it's a collection of tunes designed to touch your heart in all the right places:

1. Blue Eyes In the Rain
2. One Of The Seven Waves
3. When The Feeling Gets Too Much
4. Corazón
5. The Key Of Love
6. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
7. Las Palabras De Amor
8. When Nobody Needs You
9. When Love Calls Out Your Name
10. The Drums Are Everywhere
11. It Feels So Good It Almost Hurts
12. All Summer Long
13. The Rhythm Divine
14. Seasons

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