Friday, July 10, 2015



Want even more good tunes? Then you've come to the right place, as there's always something more to be discovered—or re-discovered—here at "The Music Spectrum". The latter is surely the case with the Australian pop/rock band I've coveted for a very long time: INDECENT OBSESSION. Just when I had thought I'd had collected every one of the band's studio albums upon receiving their once-rare 1993 effort "Relativity" a few years back, their special remix album "More Kiss Me!" would come to my attention—elusive, until about a few weeks ago. Finally getting around to taking it for a spin on this Friday night, and with that, I'm taken back down memory lane, hearing some familiar favorites that I'd almost forgotten sounded so good. May as well start with the carrier track from which this remix album gets its name: "Kiss Me". If you were among the many fans who were obsessed with this INDECENT OBSESSION hit, then you're in for a treat, as there's five different remixes for your ears to enjoy. Hearing "Kiss Me" again makes me remember how much fun it is bopping to the the beat, the colorful lyrics (I particularly the line that goes 'strawberry lips are my favorite color') the excellent gritty vocals of the lead singer, David Dixon (at least I believe it was Dixon, considering the band's rotating line-up changes) ad the 'na-na-na-na-na' of the backing vocals. At least, you get all of this on the opening 'Junior Rock Dance' mix. With each subsequent remix, you get a different flavor: a hefty dose of steamy, provocative 'uuuhhhs' and 'ahhhhs' in sync with the beat on the ' Curt's Dub ' or the extended beats, long instrumental grooves and minimal vocals (except for the snippets spoken by the lady all throughout) on the 'Hip Rock Dub', for example. The more I listened to these remixes, the more I wanted to go back and listen to that complete "Indio" album, which contains the awesome title track, another one of my favorites by this Aussie outfit. It's been so long since I'd heard the original album version that I really can't say at the moment if this 'Rhythm Mix' version is all that different; I can say, though, that it's a joy now for me to be hearing it all over again, suddenly recalling that the song has such a nice melody and a great hook, loving the way Dixon sings 'In-di-oh, In-di-ohhhh-o'. Better save it to my playlist of favorites before I forget! And now I feel like I should go back and listen to all of the remixes of "Indio" as well..... Hadn't remembered "Mystery" at all, and I probably hadn't heard it before if it didn't appear on my version of the band's "Kiss Me" single, which is where the song can be found besides here on this special remix compilation. It's a great dance/pop cut that needs no remixing in order for it to be enjoyed! Had also forgotten about another beauty from that same "Indio" album: "Gentleman Style". Always a sucker for these mellow slow tunes, and besides this one appealing to me because of the way it sounds, I admire the songwriting as well, gathering from the lyrics that there's a story about a woman who's causing the songwriter heartache and pain, yet the songwriter still treats her like a lady—just like a gentleman should‐even up until he walks out of her life for good. Hadn't paid much attention to the lyrics before, so that's why it's often nice to go back and listen to these old songs again in case you didn't understand them the first time through. So give in to your pop music obsessions and take that trip down memory lane again with "More Kiss Me!"; there is nothing the slightest bit 'indecent' about it:

1. Kiss Me (Junior Rock Dance - MC Pro)
2. Maybe You (Embassy Mix)
3. Mystery
4. Kiss Me (Curt's Dub)
5. Indio (Rhythm Mix)
6. Kiss Me (Alt'7 Ambient Mix / No Fade-Need Time)
7. Gentleman Style (Verse Ending)
8. Kiss Me (Hip Rock Dub)
9. Rebel With A Cause (Son Of Mondo Mix)
10. Whispers In The Dark (AC Mix)
11. Kiss Me (Dub Me)

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