Wednesday, July 29, 2015

JAMATAMI-Tic Tac Toe (2011)


Guess I had another bubblegum craving tonight! This time, I satisfied my sweet tooth by traveling to the other side of the European continent to get acquainted with the German foursome that called itself JAMATAMI (and that is pronounced as 'yah-mu-TAH-mee' instead of 'JAH-muh-tah-mee'). Much of the bubblegum Eurodance I've enjoyed over the years has come from the 90's, so me listening to this "Tic Tac Toe" album is a rare event. One thing I've noticed about dance music released this far into the New Millennium is that it's starting to go back to that old-school synthpop production I remember so well from the 80's, and one tune here that proves that case is the fun floor-filler "Dance Under The Moonlight". What makes this one so much fun? Well, me being one to like anything entertainment-wise (video games, movies, books) that deals with dragons, wizards, unicorns, magic spells and all of those other faraway, fairy-tale fantasy themes, I liked hearing them merrily singing about elves, trolls, hobbits and other creatures you're likely to encounter in a mythical medieval place. Oh, but that isn't bubblegummy enough! The German foursome takes you on a wacky ride on "Rollercoaster" (I love roller coasters, too, so I had to like this one, just because), try to persuade you to bust some silly moves on "Monsterdance" (besides the senseless lyrics, the cool thing about this one is the techno-glitzy arrangement and the weird beat; the only thing missing were some vocals that were truly monstrous!) and brag about their cell phones—and speaking the truth about how we've become so attached to them—on "My Mobile Is My Friend". Then there are the cute, sunny moments that are designed to make your ears happy, starting with the opener, "Perfect Day (Tic Tac Toe)"; that repetitive singing of 'ticky-tac-toe' looped in the main chorus will get you hooked eventually). "Ready For Holiday": These holiday songs are always so bubbly, and why is it that these Eurodance bubblegum groups pronounce the word 'holiday' and 'holly-day' instead of 'HA-luh-ay'? It's a song about not knowing what words to even say on "No Words", the album's catchy second track which is pretty much filled up with the sing-along line from the main chorus that goes 'na na na, we don't need no words'. And a pair of tunes that are completely bubblicious: "Jamatami (1, 2, 3, 4)" (I have no idea what 'Jamatami' even means, but it makes for something fun to bounce to) and "One And One", whose sing-along line 'dum dum dubba dee dum' is just as addicting as 'na na na, we don't need no words'. Latest 'Music Surprise Of The Day': JAMATAMI's remake of the EIFFEL 65 classic—and easily one of the biggest Eurodance hits from the 90's—"Blue". As always, it takes a bit of getting used to when those familiar voices aren't behind the memorable lyrics—it was odd, for instance, not hearing those signature distorted electronic vocal effects on the 'i'm blue, dabba dee dabba die' part—but this version is satisfying nonetheless. Perhaps having one of the guys of this bunch taking the lead vocals instead of one of the girls might've had a better impact? Then as every Eurodance album seems to have, there's a nice warming slow piece stops the Eurodance party momentarily: "2gether 4ever". I may be too old to play games of tic-tac-toe, but the kid in me will never be too old to enjoy playing this album that shares the same name:....or any other albums just like it, for that matter:

1. Perfect Day (Tic Tac Toe)
2. No Words
3. Rocket Stop
4. Dance Under The Moonlight
5. 2gether 4ever
6. Rollercoaster
7. One And One
8. Monsterdance
9. Magic World
10. My Mobile Is My Friend
11. Ready For Holiday
12. Jamatami (1,2,3,4)
13. Blue

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