Friday, July 24, 2015

Joana Zimmer-The Voice In Me (2006)


Yes, and the voice inside her is a marvelous one at that! That would belong to the German pop singer Joana Zimmer, whom I had the pleasure of becoming newly acquainted with this past November at the recommendation and request of a fellow music lover. Then on this final Friday in July, I'd get my first proper listening of Joana through her second solo album, which has become the latest in a seemingly never-ending flurry of dazzling gems. It only took me less than a minute of taking in the opener, "Bringing Down The Moon", before this lady had me thinking 'wow'! It's no wonder Joana has been compared to my favorite Canadian pop princess, Céline Dion, as I've read—rich, powerful, sultry and so utterly divine! Yeah, she's bringin' it alright, and besides 'bringing down the moon' and just 'bringing it on' on the energetic eleventh track, she brings some good ole down-to-earth heart-to-heart talk on "Let's Get To The Love Part". The title got my attention, and so did the lyrics. It's like 'yeah, yeah, all of those dinner-and-a-movie nights and the material stuff is cool, but when do we get to the real romancing?'. The smooth easy-flowing groove makes this song even nicer one to settle down into. When you have such a strong voice, fabulous upbeat jams like "Have A Thing Tonight" and "If It's Too Late" become a total thrill, and it's the latter of this pair where that voice within her really started to make an impact on me, particularly when it's soaring near the final movement. That impact became even deeper once my ears got between "In Between", one of the loveliest selections on this album that combines the acoustic guitar, soft organ melody and Joana's lofty angelic voice in beautiful combination with the touching lyrics about what lies between love and the one whom she loves. "Don't Touch Me There": the title may not sound very nice—not wanting to feel a certain way—but it too is a lovely selection, the haunting melody and the light Spanish guitar seemingly personifying the somewhat gloomy theme of the lyrics, despite the faint aura of intimacy felt in the midst of it all. Very Céline Dion-esque this song is, I must say! "What's The Good In Goodbye?" may cast shades of gloom and unhappiness as well—saying farewell to somebody you cherish in your heart deeply can be a painful thing—but I believe it to be the song here that shines with the most brilliance. Well, these powerful, sad songs always do a number on me anyways, yet there's just something within the soul of this German singer that makes it wondrously special:

1. Bringing Down The Moon
2. Let's Get To The Love Part
3. Have A Thing Tonight
4. If It's Too Late
5. Can't Fall Down
6. In Between
7. Don't Touch Me There
8. Don't Weigh Me Down
9. Strangest Thing
10. History
11. Bring It On
12. Hearts Don't Lie
13. What Is The Good In Goodbye?
14. This Is My Life

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