Monday, July 20, 2015

LOCO MIA-Party Time (1992)


90's time means party time! The unforgettable Eurodance and house music era sure had its dazzling array of popular acts from so many different countries. Yet in that decade of music-listening, I don't think I've ever known any acts who have originated in Spain.....that is, until tonight. My tireless, never-ending exploration (and thirst) for dance music has resulted in me getting newly acquainted with the Spanish troupe that calls itself LOCO MIA. Literal translation: 'crazy me', though I wonder if there's a better meaning for the title? Either way, I'd say it's very fitting for the eight tracks recorded here on their third album—that is, when you consider all of the quirky spoken vocals and other electronic sound effects infused into the Euro-house beats. But it's not too crazy—more like crazy in a fun way—as the real emphasis is more so on bringing you non-stop grooves while any vocals are kept to a minimum. For that reason, "Party Time" is a club DJ's paradise, and the festive good times begin as soon as the first beat to the opening title cut is heard. 'Oooh, I'm gonna love listening to these jams,' is among the first thoughts that popped up in my head.....or least something along those lines. That notion would be reinforced on the follow-up, "Te Lo Voy A Dar (Pumba Pumba Cha Cha Cha)" (and that first part translates to 'I am going to give it to you'), where I quickly realized that these LOCO MIA guys perform their lyrics in both their native Spanish and English which, of course, is always a plus for me when it comes to these Spanish and Latin artists. "Move Your Body" follows suit with a similar groovy house rhythm, though the bass line is a bit more harder-thumping and the inclusion. Now "Obsesiva (Abgefahrn)" is one that I really like, a stadium crowd-pleasing caliber techno anthem that comes complete with mechanical, robotic voice effects delivering some of the Spanish lyrics (that's different!) and a few crowd-pumping chants of 'uno, dos, tres' and the wailing of a female soul diva in the background providing extra flavor. This one'll make the crowds go crazy! Yet there's one I favor over this album's fourth cut: "Everybody Need Somebody", which actually has less of the stadium-sized techno vibe going on and more of a smoother, downtempo arrangement that's so easy to get into. And there's a fun little nuance that makes it all the better: the ladies on backup vocally sampling the chorus lyrics to Aretha Franklin's "Jump To It". It's indeed a bit of a 'jump' heading into "Funky Club" and "Cuba Sta En Miami", as the house rhythms get spiced up, respectively, with a touch of funk and light jazz with Latin flavor. Funk-house and jazz-house? I'd say those two hyphenated terms are adequate descriptions for what I heard on this pair. The jazz, in particular, is nice on "Cuba Sta En Miami": first the cheerful trumpet, then the cool keyboards. Then the club techno comes ringing back with a touch of hard rock on the album's finale, "El Planeta Que Hay Que Salvar"; it definitely rocks the house in its own rhythmic way. This eight-track effort of LOCO MIA's was quite appetizing; now I'm ready to settle in for something else more delectable on their music menu:

1. Party Time
2. Te Lo Voy A Dar (Pumba Pumba Cha Cha Cha)
3. Move Your Body
4. Obsesiva (Abgefahrn)
5. Everybody Need Somebody
6. Funky Club
7. Cuba Sta En Miami
8. El Planeta Que Hay Que Salvar

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