Thursday, July 23, 2015

Rick Springfield-Son Of A Beach (2009)


How about a mid-summer treat while you're sipping on some piña coladas while taking in the sun at a faraway island paradise? Yeah, except I wish the 'island paradise' part was true for me! Perhaps sometime soon that idyllic dream will be a reality for some of us. In the meantime, though, you put yourself in the tropical state of mind by listening to "Son Of A Beach", a special mini-album of greatest hits by rock legend—and one of my personal favorite rockers from the 80's altogether—Rick Springfield. And what's special about it, you ask? He takes those golden hits and gives them a dazzling contemporary reggae face-lift! How about that? This fresh new sound infused into the same old memorable lyrics totally suits him, and the best part about these recordings is that they're all super-extended beyond their three-minute average of running time—I'm talking 7+ minutes here on each track!—allowing you to enjoy the fruits of both his ageless voice and the sunny, beach-side ambiance. This was especially a treat for me, considering that, not very long ago, I'd been indulging in the Aussie phenom's proper "Greatest Hits" album released back in 1989, which had been my little getaway trip back to the big 80's. "Everybody's Girl" (was nice to hear this one; haven't heard it very much) wasn't a part of that list, but the rest of these golden oldies were: "Love Somebody", "Don't Talk To Strangers", "Celebrate Youth" and, my #1 Rick Springfield hit of all time, "Jessie's Girl" (was really looking forward to that one, forever loving that awesome hook that ends with the unforgettable line, 'where can I find a woman like that?'). I must admit—it was a bit hard not hearing a few echoes of that familiar rock energy from over two decades ago amidst all of the festive reggae goodness, but for the ultimate Rick Springfield fan, "Son Of A Beach" is a must-have and a must-listen no matter what:

1. Everybody's Girl
2. Love Somebody
3. Celebrate Youth
4. Jessie's Girl
5. Don't Talk To Strangers

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