Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ava-Missing You (1991)


From one lady with an amazing voice to another—I now introduce Ava Cimiotti to "The Music Spectrum", although technically, she isn't so new, as she'd previously gotten some mention and attention thanks to communications between visitors to this site. Like so many other times throughout all the years of my blogging, a music lover's request for something has ended up in that very same requested becoming a new music addiction of mine......or at least something that my ears enjoy and would look forward to hearing with subsequent replays. I do not know the origins of this Ava Cimiotti, but the lady can truly sing! Took me three listens to finally get my complete and full enjoyment in of Ava's second album, "Missing You"; the first two listens hadn't did it enough justice, as music that I have playing in my car sometimes has a way of getting lost with the oodles of other things I have playing while I'm driving around. I vividly recall how the very first time I heard the opening track, "Cry In The Night", I'd mistaken the singer for being Bonnie Tyler. Why? Because the two ladies sound so similar with that throaty, raspy voice and all. Well, Bonnie's voice being a little more raspy and throaty, I'd say. Either way it goes, I fell in love with the song immediately—perfectly late 80's-sounding pop/rock with a suspenseful overtone both in the melody and in the lyrics. Then I would fall in love again once my ears took in the awesome hook on "Light Of The World", another perfectly late 80's-sounding pop/rock tune; this had to have been the song that prompted me to think, 'Hey, I gotta do a feature on her!'. Loving how Ava's voice rises in the second part of the main chorus, which comes after my favorite lyrics on the whole song: 'shining like gold, shine down on you and me'. The hooks, in fact, are the primary reason why so many of this album's songs stuck to me. "Lonely Rivers" is another catchy tune, and so is the soothing one called "Rainbows" (Ava repeatedly singing 'rainbows never touch the ground' against the sunny melody makes this one hard to let go of) and the grand of a finale that is the emotional ballad, "Save Me From The Storm" (a stellar vocal performance all around, from the backing choir to Ava showing off that high note in her vocal repertoire). I was so caught up in the bouncy, perky rhythm to "Don't Make Yourself A Fool" and the lively, funky output of "Pirate Style" to even recall what the lyrics were talking about, but both were fun moments for me. And although it wasn't my personal #1—"Light Of The World" trumps everything else here—Track #7's "You're My Number One" is still a great, mellow slow song with meaningful words sung with special feeling. So don't miss out on Ava's "Missing You", because none of the songs here are missing a single beat:

1. Cry In The Night
2. Don't Make Yourself A Fool
3. Light Of The World
4. One More Dance, One More Song
5. Lonely Rivers
6. I Won't Let You Know
7. You're My Number One
8. Rainbows
9. Pirate Style
10. Missing You
11. Save Me From The Storm

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