Saturday, August 15, 2015

CHICSER-Chicser (2013)


Back on the OPM circuit tonight as I continue further on my ongoing boyband trek. The self-titled EP by the six-piece Filipino bunch that calls itself CHICSER is the latest boyband treat for my listening pleasure. A bit of a tease at only five tracks deep and lasting a bit less than twenty minutes, but I'll take 'em however I can get 'em. "Hello I Love You" officially introduced me to this CHICSER crew, and my ears welcomed the glitzy electro-pop (with a bit of a cool rock kick) and their young voices with open arms. I thought the 'roll call' of the girls they would like to meet—Samantha, Iva, Candice and Joanna—midway through the song was a cute touch while the digitized vocal looping of 'hello, hello' echoing virtually all throughout makes the music impossible to resist. A treat within a treat when its accompanying 'Acoustic Mix', which is stripped of all the synthesized production, is served up later. Sounds very nice in this softer, more mellow format, but really, either version works for me! "Meant For You" is simply meant to be fun—a peppy dance cut where the boys are singing in unison, delivering cuddly lyrics that only teenage boys can deliver. A treat within a treat again, as the song has its own corresponding 'Acoustic Mix' to wrap up this EP. But before that, there's the club-worthy cut "When You Dance" to move to. I hope my brief hello with this CHICSER bunch won't be a quick goodbye, because I see potential for international success for them beyond "Hello I Love You":

1. Hello I Love You
2. Meant For You
3. When You Dance
4. Hello I Love You (Acoustic Mix)
5. Meant For You (Acoustic Mix)

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