Wednesday, August 5, 2015

DAFT PUNK-Discovery (2001)


And talking even more electronic synthpop! It was just last year when I finally took the recommendation of a couple of fellow music listeners and started checking out the tunes by the French duo known as DAFT PUNK. Started right at the beginning with these guys with their debut album called "Homework", and it definitely passed with flying colors! I've since graduated from that one and finally moved on with their sophomore effort, "Discovery", although I may not have enrolled for this particular session as soon as I did had it not been for me connecting with a trance music lover during a recent business transaction. Thanks to him, I had the opportunity to listen in on DAFT PUNK's second live album entitled "Alive 2007", and after falling in love with several of the songs on that collection, I had to hear them again, but this time in their original studio format without the crowd ambiance. I was happy to see that three of those gems appear here on "Discovery", beginning with the disco-groovy opener, "One More Time", which was a terrific way to jump start my late morning! It was there where I was reunited with the soulful vocalist who totally makes this song the jam that it is—a guy whom I would discover goes by the moniker Romanthony. And it's this same guy who does the terrific vocal work on my second favorite here featured on that "Alive 2007" album: "Too Long". Now THIS is what I call great house music! At a whopping ten minutes long, there's plenty of time to experiment and play around with the listener's senses. It begins with Romanthony singing virtually acapella against the stripped-down beat before the groovy garage house rhythm storms in after a couple of extended movements and looped vocals. Then there's "Cresendolls", which is basically a funky house party with the party-goers in the background shouting 'whoo!' and 'whee!' all throughout. But there's so much more that entertained my ears here in this electro-music heaven! I had an 80's "Video Killed The Radio Star" moment tuning in to "Digital Love", the computerized vocals and the arrangement of the chords reminding me of that early BUGGLES hit. Shades of the 80's right afterwards on "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger", where I noted that the dance rhythm was reminiscent of that used for DEAD OR ALIVE's "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)". The broken vocals heard about midway through sound really cool against the choppy rhythm. I found instant adoration with "High Life" and "Voyager"; the groovy rhythms will getcha in a heartbeat! There's even some nice chill-out moments that I enjoyed as well, providing a nice relaxing break between the more club-oriented cuts: the instrumental snippet "Nightvision", the slowed-down, r&b throwback smooth "Something About Us", plus the warming "Verdis Quo" (this one would be ideal for nodding off to during a daytime nap) and the latter portion of "Short Circuit", after the funky 80's-inspired electro beat has pretty settled down into a more laid back, easy-going arrangement. So in the midst of my electronic synthpop re-discovery, I've also re-discovered DAFT PUNK and look forward to re-discovering them again while at the same time, I turn my attention to my newly-discovered Romanthony and his own solo music projects as well as the contributions of fellow house music producer Todd Edwards, the guy providing the vocals on Track #13's "Face To Face":

1. One More Time
2. Aerodynamic
3. Digital Love
4. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
5. Crescendolls
6. Nightvision
7. Superheroes
8. High Life
9. Something About Us
10. Voyager
11. Verdis Quo
12. Short Circuit
13. Face To Face
14. Too Long

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