Tuesday, August 11, 2015

DJ Ross Vs. Double You-Please Don't Go (2009)


I was still in a state of trance as I entered the wee hours of my Tuesday morning of music listening, so it was a perfect time to check out this awesome 2009 reinvention of the 1979 KC & THE SUNSHINE classic, "Please Don't Go". Considering that I'm always crazy about all things dance music connected to William Naraine, it was inevitable that I'd end up getting a hold of this ten-track collaboration between Italian producer DJ Ross and the well-recognized voice and face of the 90's Italian dance group DOUBLE YOU. As fans of the group may recall, Naraine had already recorded his wonderful rendition of this KC & THE SUNSHINE classic back in 1992; seventeen years later, he and DJ Ross decided to make it wonderful all over again! While it's somewhat hard not to wish that this were still the memorable 90's house era, as taking in the familiar melody and lyrics caused flashbacks and sounds of my yeater-years to echo through the ears, I was quite pleased with this refreshingly glitzy post-New Millennium trance-style production that is featured prominently all throughout this single. The 'Club Radio' and its companion 'Club Extended' mixes are, perhaps, the ones sounding closest to Naraine's 1992 version, though that extra layer of electronic techno clearly indicates that it belongs in the 21st century. The 'Popdance' mixes are really cool; there's an extra energetic vibe on these that is an upgrade from the 'Club' versions, I'd say. 'Oh that's different —a mental note you might make tuning in to the 'Paul Sander Mix'. Sounds like Naraine's soaring voice singing only the 'oh' part of the 'go' in 'please don't go' is being used as parrt the background melody.....at least during the introductory movement, and maybe one or two times during the mix. And there is definitely something different about the production work for the 'Alessandro Viale' mixes, which are my favorites on this single. You do get to keep hearing those soaring vocals of Naraine singing the 'go' part of the signature 'please don't go' line, except the 'go' is carried over for several beats to the point where there is only a fraction of a break before the line is looped again—I love it! I suppose every one of these mixes has got something different to offer up for your ears, and that goes for the 'Da Brozz' mixes as well, where there is also a cool change-up in the backing vocals during the main chorus. "Please Don't Go" is a classic that simply won't go away; it hadn't gone away six years ago when this hot single was released, and me reviving it yet again proves that it just may never go away:

1. Please Don't Go 2009 (Club Radio)
2. Please Don't Go 2009 (Popdance Radio)
3. Please Don't Go 2009 (Paul Sander Mix)
4. Please Don't Go 2009 (Alessandro Viale Radio)
5. Please Don't Go 2009 (Da Brozz Edit)
6. Please Don't Go 2009 (Club Extended)
7. Please Don't Go 2009 (Dance Extended)
8. Please Don't Go 2009 (Popdance Extended)
9. Please Don't Go 2009 (Alessandro Viale Extended)
10. Please Don't Go 2009 (Da Brozz Extended)

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