Monday, August 17, 2015

GIMME 5-Gimme 5 (2014)


There was the Orlando, Florida-based boyband TAKE 5, and then there was the Filipino boyband GIMME 5. So let me take the next five minutes to tell you about this latest stop along my short trip through the OPM circuit. A fellow boyband lover once told me a while back that I like to listen to music in other languages. Yep—that is definitely true, and having GIMME 5's self-titled debut album in my music collection fully supports that assessment. Though my understanding of the Filipino tongue is still quite elementary, it was still fun getting acquainted with this GIMME 5 bunch, as my ears are always ready to receive anything and everything that sounds good. The opener, "Pag Kasama Ka", seems it could be one the group's pop anthem, having a slight rock edge and a nice melody that sticks to you after hearing the echoes of 'whoa-oh-oh' in the main chorus. "Hatid Sundo" is a terrific all-out club jam with a glitzy techno charge, the warming melody making me think the lyrics must speak about tender love. "Aking Prinsesa": doesn't the title look like ' A King's Princess ' in English?) is a a nice n' chilled beauty that shows the boys taking a softer approach bordering along the lines of smooth r&b. Then there's the cut which very well may be the group's breakout anthem: "Hey Girl". From the title, I'd predicted that all of the lyrics would be in English; turns out the exact opposite would be the case. Well, not entirely; 'hey girl' is sung over and over all throughout, while it's the Filipino language the rest of the way. Still a terrific song with the same chilled r&b smoothness as "Aking Prinsesa", but in the back of my mind, I kept thinking how much more I would've embraced it had I understood everything else they were singing. But there is one song on this album that's performed completely in English: "Growing Up". A cute, sunny pop tune to bop your head to, and just about every young boyband album has these fun kinds of songs thrown in just for kicks. As an additional treat, there are karaoke-like versions of each of the original six tracks called the 'Minus One' mixes, me liking the instrumental club remake of "Pag Kasama Ka" in particular. And for somebody like me who forever adores this sort of glitzy dance production, I'll take it any way I can get it:

1. Pag Kasama Ka
2. Hatid Sundo
3. Aking Prinsesa
4. Hey Girl
5. Growing Up
6. Ikaw Na Na
7. Pag Kasama Ka (Minus One)
8. Hatid Sundo (Minus One)
9. Aking Prinsesa (Minus One)
10. Hey Girl (Minus One)
11. Growing Up (Minus One)
12. Ikaw Na Na (Minus One)

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