Wednesday, August 5, 2015

MODERN TALKING-America: The 10th Album (2001)


Yep—still talking that electronic synthpop music, so when I realized that I haven't yet completed my listening of the entire past discography of Thomas Anders—and just everything Eurodance connected to Dieter Bohlen altogether—I opted for another one of MODERN TALKING's post-New Millennium albums that I hadn't heard yet: "America", the duo's tenth album. I was curious about the significance of 'America' being used as this album's title, considering that both Anders and Bohlen hail from Germany. Perhaps it was around the time of the release of this album that one (or both) of them visited and/or toured America? I also found it a startling coincidence that this album would be released in the same year—and only a few months before—as the unforgettably tragic events that occurred in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C., shaking America and changing it forever. Then startling me further is the song that even includes New York in its title: "New York City Girl", which has a bouncy bubblegum Eurodance feel to it, which is one of the things I've always enjoyed about some of MODERN TALKING's music—always fun, always happy and always putting a smile on my face. Besides that one and the obvious title track, which includes some recorded sound bites from American history in the introductory movement before the vocals of Thomas Anders and the groovy Eurodisco beat take over, the only other 'American' ties I identified occurred on the arena-sized dance filler "Last Exit To Brooklyn" (yet another tie to New York City, of course) and the exhilarating, ultra-bubblegum ethnically tribal dance jam "Witchqueen Of Eldorado" (the 'Eldorado' part being the tie here, as it's a term used to describe gold mines and other mining-related locations based in South America and other parts of the world). It's more of a European thing, though, on "SMS To My Heart", a second in my plethora of favorites because it's more of that sweet bubblegum love to entertain my ears. Whereas us Americans tend to say 'text message', Europeans seem to use the acronym 'SMS' instead. But we're all talking the same language and dancing to the same beat nonetheless.....and it's an AWESOME beat to say the least! The influence could be seen as either European or American on the romantic Spanish-flavored slow gem called "Maria". Then thinking about the other slow-tempo tunes on this album, each of them is truly a gem in its own right. I knew that I would adore "Rain In My Heart" before I heard it, as all of these songs with the word 'rain' in it always sound so beautifully tender and include some nice ambiance of rain pouring down to help soften the mood. Despite the pain and sorrow I would feel in the lyrics, oh what a joy it is hearing the mellow voice of Thomas Anders against the somber melody, and just a joy it is anytime when I hear him performing songs like these. "For A Life Time" is like a sweet romantic lullaby while the epic, majestic grand of a finale that is "Send Me A Letter From Heaven" is just plain heavenly on all fronts. Back to the dance floor—I had the time of my life taking in the opening motivational cheer that is "Win The Race" (I wonder if it really was used as a motivational theme song to some Olympic-sized sporting event over in Germany, or even right here in America?) and my #1 favorite by far on this album, "There's Something In The Air", which is a real winner due to its cool production, namely the happy melody, that energetic synthesized rock charge infused into the glitzy electronic Eurodance beat and the song's lovely hook (I always love it when the background vocals become high and lofty in the second arrangement of the main chorus, a signature element on a lot of these MODERN TALKING songs). Neither high-energy nor slow-moving is the sweet mid-tempo pop number called "Cinderella Girl". Yep—you know if I mention the word 'sweet' when talking about a song, it's gotta be another of my favorites, too:

1. Win The Race
2. Last Exit To Brooklyn
3. Maria
4. SMS To My Heart
5. Cinderella Girl
6. Why Does It Feel So Good?
7. Rain In My Heart
8. Witchqueen Of Eldorado
9. Run To You
10. America
11. For A Life Time
12. From Coast To Coast
13. There's Something In The Air
14. I Need You Now
15. New York City Girl
16. Send Me A Letter From Heaven

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