Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Taylor Dayne-Satisfied (2007)


Speaking of taking breaks..... It's nice to be coming back into the music fold after a four-day hiatus, and I'm picking up where I left off with one more satisfying listen that is the final studio album by the lovely Taylor Dayne. I felt like she had ventured out into new territory with the release of 1999's "Naked Without You", but 2007's "Satisfied" just may have been her most ambitious one yet. A noticeable shift again from her early dance-pop years, and just like "Naked Without You" had a more adult contemporary/easy-listening sound, the collection of tunes here fall into that same category this time as well, although with a style that I can best describe as simply classy. The music kicks off with a twinkly overture that serves as the beauty of an intro to "Beautiful", which has remained as my #1 favorite even after so many listens to everything else that follows thereafter. Besides the lively beat, it's just the cheerful, spunky manner in which Taylor delivers the lyrics of dedication, particularly when she is talk-singing—and almost preaching, really!—when she says 'hypnotized' and 'it's not a fairy tale; the things you say'. And then, there's the ultra-thrilling 'Hex Remix' that I've included as a bonus treat; I wouldn't have been completely satisfied with this song without it! Then thinking about treats and such, your ears are treated to something you don't get to hear from Taylor very often, if at all—a bit of reggae music, with Track #4's "She Don't Love You". A different approach, but with an amazing voice like hers, ANY style of music works! Of course, Taylor's vocals become a mighty instrument whenever she's delivering those emotional ballads right onto your audio doorstep. The warming title track is a great place to start for that, followed by the superbly bluesy groove that is "Dedicated" (those female voices going 'oooh' create a marvelous backing soundtrack that contrasts with Taylor's nicely), "Kissing You", the soul-shaking "Crash" (she's preaching on this one for real, talking about sometimes crashing before you fall) and the touching piano piece appropriately placed after the song talking about crashing and falling called "The Fall" (more preaching about love here; this time, it's about love not being enough). As much as I adore "Beautiful"—and "Crash" and "Dedicated", which are my #2 and #3 favorites, respectively—there's a couple of other fine selections where the voice behind 1987's "Tell It To My Heart" had a wow impression on me: "Under The Bridge" (the music intensity just grows and grows until it explodes into quite the grand performance by the time the song ends) and the humbling, tender piece rightfully called "Hymn" (the poetic lyrics and the ambient, calming orchestral accompaniment make for an ear-pleasing combination). Fourteen powerful tracks to entertain you for fifty-plus minutes—satisfaction guaranteed:

1. Beautiful
2. I'm Over My Head
3. My Heart Can't Change
4. She Don't Love You
5. Under The Bridge
6. Satisfied
7. Dedicated
8. Kissing You
9. Crash
10. The Fall
11. Love Chain
12. Fool To Cry
13. Hymn

*****BONUS TRACK*****

14. Beautiful (Hex Remix)

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