Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Taylor Dayne-Soul Dancing (1993)


Soul music and dance music—a killer combination.....especially when the lovely, sultry voice of Taylor Dayne is providing the soul part! The same lady who brought you the hit "Tell It To My Heart" back in the 80's recorded an impressively scintillating cover of Barry White's famous disco classic, "Can't Get Enough Of Your Love (Babe)", except she dropped the 'babe' part from the title in the track-listing to her third solo album, "Soul Dancing". It's the one song here I always remember the most; how could I even forget it when it sounds as good as it does? That speech before the disco beat swoops in is always classic, Taylor putting her own sexy spice on the same words that Barry made popular back in 1974. And since I have disco and dancing on my mind, I may as well keep on raving about the other 'soul dancing' cuts that make this album still a thrill even now in 2015: "Someone Like You" (Taylor's voice is so powerful and piercing on this one!), "Say Prayer" and the lively energetic feel-gooder that is the title track itself. It's more like slow dancing when the beats quiet down on the moving, emotional ballads: "If You Were Mine", "Memories" (another stored at the bottom of my memory bank, but coming back to me once the familiar bluesy swing and the delivery of the lyrics hit me) and the breathtaking duet with 90's r&b crooner Keith Washington on "The Door To Your Heart" (Taylor and Keith make a nice vocal pair; really,Taylor would pair up nicely with any male r&b singer). The third one from my memory bank that's also my #1 favorite from this album happens to be the mid-tempo opening track, "I'll Wait". I've always thought how Taylor sounded like my favorite female rock diva—that would be none other than the great Tina Turner—in the first few movements of this song, her voice all deep and raspy before she lets it rip and that voice explodes into the piercing, stunning instrument that it is! There's so many times when that amazing voice soars and soars up into the high heavens—almost on every song practically—but it really does a number on me on "Send Me A Lover" (it forces at least one prolonged stop-whatever-you're-doing moment in the second movement of the song after the pitch is taken up and so much emotion is thrust into the lyrics) and "Dance With A Stranger" (it grips me during that momentary beat drop). "Dance With A Stranger" wasn't one from my memory bank; I must've only heard bits of it or missed out on it altogether a long time ago. Now it's become a new favorite—besides Taylor's voice leading the way, I'm liking the edgy, rock-inspired production and the accompanying saxophone jazzing up the music periodically throughout. One I'm sure quite a few Taylor Dayne fans missed out on is the concluding track, "Let's Spend The Night Together", as it's only found on certain international releases. Well, it's found its way here to "The Music Spectrum"—another nice mid-tempo piece that begins startlingly similar to "Can't Get Enough Of Your Love" with the introductory seductive speech and all before the main beats step in. Soul music or dance music—whichever you prefer, you're in for a delectably sweet treat when you listen to this soulicious collection of songs:

1. I'll Wait
2. Send Me A Lover
3. Can't Get Enough Of Your Love
4. Say A Prayer
5. Dance With A Stranger
6. I Could Be Good For You
7. Soul Dancing
8. The Door To Your Heart [feat. Keith Washington]
9. Someone Like You
10. Memories
11. If You Were Mine
12. Let's Spend The Night Together

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