Wednesday, September 2, 2015

COOL NEW SOUND-Livin' In The 90's (1993)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 2, 2015

Technically, the 90's isn't new anymore, but there are still a plethora of artists from the Erudoance/house era who are still very much new to me. Enter the obscure dance duo that dubbed itself COOL NEW SOUND, who only managed to release a trio of singles before fading into the depths of pop music obscurity, one of them being "Livin' In The 90's". A small fulfillment from my personal wishlist this short two-track single is, and it was sufficient on a night when I just wanted to hear something simple from the dance genre, me still being in the festive bubblegum dance mood on the wings of my two-day excursion with BANAROO. Fits the 90's Eurodance format, too, with the male rapper providing most of the lyrics and the slight house rhythm giving you something to move to, except this time, there's a male vocalist at the helm voicing the words to the main hook. A welcome addition to an dance playlist, particularly the extended 'Hanssons Snabbmix', which I favor because of the more sharper sound in its production over the regular 7" version:

1. Livin' In The 90's (7'' Version)
2. Livin' In The 90's (Hanssons Snabbmix)

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