Thursday, September 10, 2015

Dan Byrd-Stay (1984)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 10, 2015

It was all about the 80's and jazz with yesterday's featuring of Grover Washington, Jr.' s "Winelight", and in a way, I'm staying with the same combination for tonight's very special feature. Not to be confused with the young actor who starred in 2006 remake of the horror film, "The Hills Have Eyes", nor the British DJ/producer by the same name, the late singer known to the popular music world as Dan Byrd first came to be known by me just a few years ago through a mutual music lover who deemed himself to be a helpless romantic. It's the fulfillment of his long-standing request for Byrd's ultra-rare LP album, "Stay", that will surely bring out the masses of other helpless romantics out there! As I've mentioned time and time again, my favorite decade surely spawned some of the greatest and most meaningful love songs of our lifetime. The early part of that decade, in particular, is responsible for that magical, soft rock radio glow, which is why it was so easy for me to fall for these ten superbly-sung tunes. Byrd was surely quite the romantic crooner in his performing days with his darling of a gentle voice, and I can only imagine the many hearts he touched belting out such ballads as "Tomorrow" (the starry melody sure sets the mood on this one), "Lost Without Your Love", "Sayonara (Means Goodbye)" (a magnificently stunning vocal performance all throughout this dramatic piano piece, which I've read has stood as one of his more famous hits and sounds like something I've heard somewhere before in my own younger years) and the delightfully jazzy and bluesy piano tune that is "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do", which I totally adore, of course, because of the J-word. Then that leads me now to the other two jazzy moments that made me want to 'stay' with this album for a while: the fun and bouncy mid-tempo cut "Be Bop" (I love the classy 80's swing of the rhythm and how the music stops with the momentary pause on the singing of the word 'stop') and, my latest 'Music Surprise Of The Day', "Just The Way You Are", which for years I'd thought was a Diana Krall original (I first heard it on a now-defunct local jazz radio station, of course) until I realized how many artists have given renditions of this classic (the bossa nova-style rhythm of this Dan Byrd version is different to me, but I like it nonetheless, especially with the awesome saxophone blaring through the music in the closing seconds). I'd love to stay and keep chatting, but I think there are some helpless romantics out there who have some music-listening to do:

A1. Stay
A2. Tomorrow
A3. Summer Nights
A4. Lost Without Your Love
A5. Breaking Up
B1. Be Bop
B2. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
B3. Boulevard
B4. Just The Way You Are
B5. Desperado

*****BONUS TRACK*****

C1. Sayonara (Means Goodbye) [Vinyl 7"]

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Dea Noa said...

Very beautiful music.
Thank you so much for sharing this nice album!

Also, the song you would maybe like to hear is:
Coco York & Dan Byrd - Sol Samba