Friday, September 18, 2015

JAZZANOVA-Jazzanova EP (1997)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 19, 2015

With all my talk about jazz music this week, it only seems fitting that I should do a short presentation on the German electronic/nu-jazz production team that calls itself JAZZANOVA. It had to have been about a decade ago—when I was really just starting to get into the ambient/electronic genre—that I discovered JAZZANOVA, and I'm almost 100% positive that the very first production of theirs I ever heard was the beautiful cut "Bohemian Sunset", found here on their self-titled debut EP. "Bohemian Sunset" is nothing but 6+ minutes of ambient bliss, filled with lots of deep, downtempo bass and organic sound bites (such as a bird cawing) that add to the song's atmosphere of chilled serenity. "Fedime's Flight" is a great tune for somebody on the move, having a very ethnic rhythm and tribal vocals to match. I particularly dig those scintillating high-pitched tones that beep in here and there near the middle break of this 7+ minute piece. Then there are those spacey electronic tunes that I can listen to all night long; "Allee der Kosmonauten" is one of them, the sweet melody of the accompanying trumpet and the drum n' bass that kicks in in later movements giving the otherwise dreamy, lazy atmosphere of this piece a terrific boost. One might've expected there to be more actual jazz on this EP, as this group's name implies, but I can chill out with this trio of electronic cuts the same way that I can with my usual preferred saxophone-led smooth jazz grooves:

1. Fedime's Flight
2. Bohemian Sunset
3. Allee der Kosmonauten

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