Saturday, September 19, 2015

JAZZANOVA-Jazzanova EP 2 (1998)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 19, 2015

The first self-titled JAZZANOVA EP had been something I had on my personal wishlist (I really wanted to hear "Bohemian Sunset" again), but I wouldn't become of the German group's second one, surprisingly, until many years later. I'm sure I would've gotten around to getting it eventually, knowing how much I dig these electronic/downtempo productions and considering I've already had a couple of proper full-length JAZZANOVA albums in my collection. The drum n' bass is the predominant focus of attention on this sophomore effort, as I gathered, and you get plenty of it with the solid 7+ minutes and 8+ minutes of instrumentals crafted on "Caravelle" and "Konklave", respectively. Though of this small trio, the 6+ minute piece "Introspection" would have to be the cut that my ears enjoyed the most. I'm always one for the beautiful spacey chords and emerging background ambiance, which is how the introductory movements build up the music in the early going. Then little nuances within the arrangement, such as the sound of ice being shaken, as it sounds near the end, adds an extra texture to this multi-layered production:

1. Caravelle
2. Konklave
3. Introspection

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