Wednesday, September 23, 2015

JERICHO ROAD-Day Of Rest (2010)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 23, 2015

All roads come to an end, as the old saying goes. This "Day Of Rest" album may officially be the end of my present journey with the Latter-day Saint boyband, but by no means does it have to be the end of the life-long spiritual journey that many of us are on. On a day when I was in fact in need of some rest, both physically and mentally, I found this collection of tunes to be a welcome comfort. The JERICHO ROAD guys' signature talent for delivering the touching piano pieces chorale style is reinforced right at the offset with the opening medley, the first half of which is the traditional church hymn; I like how the second half, "My Chains Are Gone", is interwoven with the familiar lyrics, so in a way, the song becomes their own personalized interpretation of the Lord's amazing grace. Oh so very nice is the production of the peaceful two-part medley that follows, performed nearly in identical fashion. An earnest and faithful plea for the lost to return back home is the message behind the mellow number, "Softly And Tenderly", which is an the appropriate manner in which a lost soul should be approached. Memories of my yester-years in the church surfaced on "It Is Well With My Soul", which I hadn't recognized until I heard the way in which the title lyrics are presented in the main chorus. The vocals of this JERICHO ROAD quartet are beautiful here and complements the graceful nature of the music, to put it simply, so well indeed. A marvelous vocal performance the guys give when they team up with the amazing voice of a female singer on the moving duet "How Great Thou Art", so moving that it almost induced a tear towards the end of the song. More memories surfaced on the album's third medley, "Part The Waters, Lord / I Need Thee Every Hour". The latter half is another traditional church hymn I've heard many times, although this would have to be the very first time I've enjoyed it in an acoustic guitar-driven format. Powerful is the sound and the message driven forth on "Were You There?", the church organ creating that spiritual church aura while the unified voices of the JERICHO ROAD guys with their equally soulful backup singers reflecting upon the ultimate sacrifice that was done for you, me and the rest of this world. Something else my eyes recognized when skimming the track-listing: "Homeward Bound". Yes, it's the title to the warm and fuzzy movie about the dogs trying to find their way back home. And just the same, it's the title to JERICHO ROAD's warm and fuzzy song that preaches a similar theme. Reinforcing their motivational messages delivered in song previously throughout the album is the concluding track that sums everything up in three words: "Come To Jesus". Choosing to live—now that's restful assurance:
1. Amazing Grace / My Chains Are Gone
2. Abide With Me / Abide With Me, 'Tis Eventide
3. Softly And Tenderly
4. It Is Well With My Soul
5. Behold The Wounds
6. How Great Thou Art
7. Part The Waters, Lord / I Need Thee Every Hour
8. Were You There?
9. Fairest Lord Jesus (Beautiful Savior)
10. Homeward Bound
11. In Humility, Our Savior
12. Come To Jesus

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