Sunday, September 27, 2015

LOVE COLLECTIVE feat. Robin Cook-Love And Respect (1998)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 27, 2015

Even while I'm been on an easy-listening kick, there's always room in my music playlist for a bit of Eurodance, and that comes in the form of "Love And Respect", a single by a group of artists collectively called LOVE COLLECTIVE that was recently shared with me by another fellow Eurodance lover. A wonderful share it is for me personally, as many of you in my circles already know how I feel about the Swedish singers, and LOVE COLLECTIVE's lead singer (at least for this single) happens to be of Swedish nationality: Robin Cook. I'd fallen in love with "Love And Respect" the moment the bouncy, reggae-inspired Europop beat and the happy melody entered into my ears.....and kept on loving it when Robin's vocals belting out the encouraging and uplifting lyrics (which were right on point, considering my mood for inspirational tunes lately) entered into the mix! Some of his simplest words also stood as my favorite lines from the song: 'wisdom is better than silver and gold', 'no matter what color or creed', 'united we stand, divided we fall'..... The 'Radio Edit', of course, ended up being too short for me, so it's a good thing there was the extra beats of the 6+ minute 'Extended Mix' for me to enjoy! The 'Dub Version' is also good, and the 'Acapella' version at the end of this single allows listeners to appreciate his vocal talents well. Sandwiched between the four mixes of this title track is the groovy, minimalistic vocal instrumental "All What You Need", whose title (if I heard correctly) is already heard in the lyrics to "Love And Respect". But the best part about this cut is the dynamite bass line accompanying the intense tones of the keyboard accompaniment—all the love and respect for the musicians and the producers indeed:

1. Love And Respect (Radio Edit)
2. Love And Respect (Extended Mix)
3. Love And Respect (Dub Version)
4. All What You Need
5. Love And respect (Acapella)

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