Sunday, September 6, 2015

Michael Ball-Michael Ball (1992)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 6, 2015

Now that I'm back on the ball with my 90's music-listening, I thought I should bounce back to some recommendations I received earlier this year. One of them is British singer Michael Ball, another long-time legend in popular music whom I'm just now getting acquainted with. So I finally changed that when I tuned in to Michael's 1992 self-titled debut album, but to cite the title and words to a favorite Tina Turner song, absolutely nothing's changed.....that is, when it comes to me enjoying these British singers! Besides the fact that this album was released in 1992, the very first indicator that I'd like this album was the delightfully peppy 80's rock-sounding opener that is "One Step At A Time". Nothing like something reminding me of my favorite decade to lure me into an album, eh? Then after that, I'd get my first real feel with this Michael Ball guy with a pair of warming ballads: "It's Still You" and "Holland Park". The former reinforced my sentiments of being attracted to the warming, darling love songs as of late while the latter's even fuzzier, sleepy romantic overtones was quite soothing on the ears; I could almost envision that romantic walk through Holland Park from Michael's hushed, comforting delivery of the lyrics. "Secret Of Love": more of that familiar 80's perkiness and bounce that I like, so it's no secret at all that I liked that one, too. Had a ball (pun intended) listening the British singer perform "As Dreams Go By", and that one is a real gem! These mellow, emotional ballads, of course, are always on my sucker list, as many of you in my music circles already know. And everyone should know that I adore "Who Needs To Know?" all the same, particularly the soulicious backup vocals. If I hadn't noticed it on previous tracks, I surely took note of Michael's soaring voice on "If You Need Another Love", where he deserves a round of applause; it's an awesome song that's soft rock radio perfect, if you ask me. I'd read briefly about the British singer's accomplishments in theater before tuning in to this album, and I got a taste of that theatrical exposure listening to the final two selections: "No One Cries Anymore", a lovely piano tune that begins with a marvelous orchestral overture, and the epic, show-stopping grand finale that is "Love Changes Everything", which is like both a majestic march and a grand opera exposition all at the same time. From this inaugural tour with Michael Ball, I conclude that he has an excellent voice and makes some very pleasurable tunes, so I think it's safe to say that I'll keep the ball rolling with him and his music from here on out:

1. One Step At A Time
2. It's Still You
3. Holland Park
4. Secret Of Love
5. As Dreams Go By
6. Who Needs To Know?
7. Simple Affair Of The Heart?
8. If You Need Another Love
9. Beautiful Heartache
10. No One Cries Anymore
11. Love Changes Everything

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