Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Mozez-So Still (2005)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 16, 2015

There was the Italo-disco artist who went by the moniker 'Moses', and then there was the Jamaican-born soul singer from England who goes by the alternatively-spelled 'Mozez', whose beautiful voice I just got acquainted with last night and re-acquainted with today. Continuing my easy-listening kick that started off with a few helpings of smooth jazz, I've now ventured back into the word of ambient, downtempo electronica. While I love listening to music in this genre when it's of the instrumental variety, sometimes having a caressing voice to go along with the melodies is just what I need to help me relax even more. After listening to him on the revitalizing opener, "Feel Free", I decided that staying along for the whole journey with this English singer would be a great idea.....and what a gracefully calming journey it is. Every stop along the way infused a pleasurable sensation inside of my ears, but there are some stops where I just wanted to close my eyes and remain channeled with the music for an eternity. "Baby Blue" was one of those stops, a spacey tune with a bit of Jamaican reggae influence on the spacey tune, "Baby Blue". Then there was the dreamy of a gem that was "Somehow Now", where the soul singer's soft voice matches up so beautifully with the guitar acoustics and the fluttery woodwind melodies; the music here quite literally melts into my own soul! The music really rises to the occasion on "Venus Rise", where the sweet sound of the trumpet jazzes up the atmospherically spacey mood of the song (I really did feel like I was floating somewhere high among the cosmos, chilling out with this beauty). Then there are some selections on this album that stick to me because they have marvelous hooks and lyrics that are so down-to-earth and intimate that you'd think Mozes was singing about you, the listener. 'You make me feel good' is my favorite line from "Somehow Now" while I favored 'drifting clouds reveal a beautiful day' and 'if I fall, you will catch me' from the album's eleventh and thirteenth tracks, respectively. His voice is quite versatile, as well, proving that they can become sharp and mighty while still being charming on tunes like "Take The Sun". And that same versatile voice blends well with the supporting cast he receives on "Fuzz" and the unknown female singer whom he performs with on "Spinning Top". An easy-listener's paradise, I must say, that this debut of the English singer is, and there's still so much of his music that I haven't even heard yet:

1. Feel Free
2. Baby Blue
3. Troubled Mind
4. So Still
5. Spinning Top
6. Somehow Now
7. Getting Better
8. Take The Sun
9. Fuzz
10. Venus Rise
11. Beautiful Day
12. Stay Beautiful
13. If I Fall
14. Eternity

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