Sunday, September 27, 2015

OUTFIELD-Rockeye (1992)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 27, 2015

I've still have an ear for the 90's music and an ear for easy-listening music, so it only seemed natural that I treated myself to an earful of the British band THE OUTFIELD when their 1992 album, "Rockeye", caught my eye while I've still been in the midst of organizing a few things in my music library. After the 80's had passed, I'd pretty much forgotten about THE OUTFIELD, and the steady radio airplay of arguably their biggest all-time hit, "Your Love", further kept me in the mindset that the best of their times were experienced back in that decade. That's why it's always good to check out albums like this "Rockeye" years later, because one never knows the new gems that'll be re-discovered and generate renewed interest with the artist. I've always been fond of the high, lofty voice of lead singer Tony Lewis, and after playing "Winning It All", which happened to be the song that reminded me about getting this "Rockeye" in the first place, I was reminded exactly how fond of that voice I am on "Closer To Me". This song has one of the nicest hooks and some of the most romantic lyrics on the album that's filled with many such moments. The woman the songwriter sings about is just a little bit closer tonight on that one; five tracks later, she gets wooed with words of promises that the songwriter would do anything for her provided he gets some love until the morning daylight, as the lyrics go during the awesome hook of a main chorus on "Take Me Home". But the mood isn't always so romantic, as the concluding cut "Going Back" stirs up some blues when Tony sings about shaking the blues and his heart returning back to its original state.....before it experienced heartache, I'd imagine. Interesting that 'blues' is in the lyrics, as I had even thought the song had a bluesy feel from the outset—the sad tonality and the light strumming of the guitars and all (I particularly loved the beautiful instrumental break, which features a soft woodwind melody). Then there are some songs that pleased my ears solely because of the vocals, whether it was Tony's lofty solos leading the way on "Way It Should Me" or the unified vocals during the catchy hook to "One The Line". So I'd have to say I scored pretty big with adding this album to my collection, and I do plan to play even deeper into THE OUTFIELD's album lineup somewhere further down the road:

1. Winning It All
2. Closer To Me
3. Way It Should Be
4. Under A Stone
5. Young Love
6. Jane
7. Take Me Home
8. Tonight You're Mine
9. On The Line
10. Stranger In My Own Town
11. Going Back

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