Saturday, September 12, 2015

SCANDAL feat. Patty Smyth-Warrior (1984)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 12, 2015

I knew this would happen! The very moment I decided to step back into the 80's with my music listening the other day while I've been peeking into some of the 'P' entries of my music library, Patty Smyth's name would come up, and then I would want to listen to one of her greatest hits, if not THE greatest hit of her rockin' career: "The Warrior". Well, that's precisely what's happened! So here I am tonight putting the spotlight on another classic from my favorite decade, and by classic, that refers to both the song and the 1984 album that it leads off with, plus Patty Smyth herself, who even looks like a warrior on the cover artwork pictured above. Almost hard to imagine that a hit that was as big as "The Warrior" was one that I hadn't ever heard in my life until I played an old 80's compilation CD just a decade ago. And it was on this song that officially got me introduced to Patty and attracted to her powerful, gritty voice, which is what I've always loved about these female rockers. Like so many hits over the years, I remember having had some of the lyrics to "The Warrior" wrong for such a long time, mistaking 'shooting at the walls of heartache, bang bang' as 'shooting at the walls of heartache, baby', for example. But the lyrics are fabulous (I also love the lines 'I bet you're not so civilized' and 'if you survive the warrior', plus that line that talks about 'your animal style'), especially that amazing hook where her voice is soaring on 'and heart to heart you'll win'. And you know that I love a song so much when I have to go out and find a techno or house remix of it; that's what I've done with the awesome 5+ minute 'Nurlan Seiger Mix' that takes this rockin' classic and moves it on the dance floor! Beyond "The Warrior", I love hearing Patty's voice on "Hands Tied" and "Tonight" (the backup vocals superbly echo every part of the main hook on both), plus the emotional "Less Than Half", which has become a new Patty Smyth favorite of mine. The title to the latter, I believe, isn't sung in the actual lyrics themselves, but I'm pretty sure I know what the 'less than half' refers to: the no-good man she's singing about, professing that everything he told her is a lie, among other things. As much as I love Patty when she's tough and gritty, I like hearing the cooled down Patty as well, and I got a taste of that on "Say What You Will", then later on another new Patty Smyth favorite, "Maybe We Went Too Far". I just like how the latter one flows—it's the kind of 80's rock I can ease along with—plus the way that the rocker expresses herself, especially the break where tones it down a notch and gently speaks the lyrics to the main chorus. 'Maybe the joke's on you, maybe the joke's on me', she says, but there's absolutely no joking that she's a warrior all throughout this song and through this terrific album:

1. The Warrior
2. Beat Of A Heart
3. Hands Tied
4. Less Than Half
5. Only The Young
6. All I Want
7. Talk To Me
8. Say What You Will
9. Tonight
10. Maybe We Went Too Far

*****BONUS TRACK*****

11. The Warrior [Nurlan Seiger Mix]

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