Tuesday, October 20, 2015



Retro sounds of the 60's are what I treated my ears to earlier this afternoon when I strolled down Brylcream Boulevard.....well, at least in a musical sense, anyway. Watching foreign films hasn't been a huge lifetime leisure activity of mine, but listening to the soundtracks of foreign movie productions has. This 24-track collection featured in the Belgian/Dutch comedy that was the sequel to a previous film entitled "Blueberry Hill" was shared with me recently upon realization of my adoration with the Belgian pop/rock band SOULSISTER and anything related to the band's marvelous vocalist Paul Michiels. To my surprise, one of my favorite songs from SOULSISTER's 1994 album, "Swinging Like Big Dogs", is also the opening track on this soundtrack—"Keep On Feeding Me"—and it was the jazzy rock swing that caused me to love it so much! The only other SOULSISTER-related track is Paul's warming, solo offering of "Eenzaam Zonder Jou". Didn't understand any words, but it was simply nice hearing his voice nonetheless. These soundtracks, as always, have a way of springing up other hidden gems that I otherwise may have never discovered in my personal music explorations. Among them is the epic, classy tune that is the Jan Leyers-voiced "Hanging On To Memories"; had never heard this man singing before, but I immediately perceive him as one of those old crooner types who could steal a woman's heart with the singing of romantic words. He performs another tune I really like later on: "Lucky Me". These short-n'-sweet retro-60's tunes put to a perky beat are always fun; there was no way I could listen to it just once. The same happened when I played the darling of a song that is the POLAK SISTERS' "Wedding Bells". Hearing the backup ladies chiming with the sweet 'bum bum bum bum' with the lead lady voicing the main lyrics was like girl group perfect; only one play of this charming number isn't enough either! This is just the type of song that will cause me to go on a 60's pop/doo-wop listening binge..... Shades of FLEETWOOD MAC's classic rock sound are what I got from listening to Adamo's "Tmbe La Niege"; it's in the singer's mellow voice that raised that distinction. I've been getting newly introduced to some stunning voices the past few days, and the latest new voice belongs to a sultry songstress named Katja Vandl. She dazzled me first on the theatrical-sounding ragtime number, "The First One" (I really did immediately suppose she had done some jazz or theater somewhere in her lifetime), then again later on "Baby So Long", which is more closer to the classic jazz sound than the former. After the latter, I did a bit of browsing around in cyberspace, astonished to find out that thiis Katja hasn't ever done any full studio albums! Perhaps she's only lent her voice to movie productions? Then following Katja's second effort are a series of jazzy, classical instrumentals that surely served as part of the "Brylcream Boulevard" orchestral score. I love all instrumental pieces, but I highlight BRYLCREAM BAND's "Help Yourself" because of its terrific big-band arrangement, "Are You In?" because of the dancey rhythm, and "Een Dode Cactus" (is an actual cactus plant is being referred to in this title?) because it reminds me of some majestic royal march, plus the lovely overture that is Jeugd En Muziek Orkest Antwerpen's "Afscheid", which most likely was the movie's closeout overture played during the ending credits:

1. Soulsister - Keep On Feeding Me
2. Jan Leyers - Hanging On To Memories
3. Anne Françoise - Un Petit Sourire
4. Jan Leyers - See Me Tonight
5. Petra Polak - Walk On By
6. Paul Michiels - Eenzaam Zonder Jou
7. Adamo - Tombe La Neige
8. Jan Leyers - Sweet Cathy
9. Katja Vandl - The First One
10. The Beat Set - See Me Tonight
11. The Polak Sisters - Wedding Bells
12. Jan Leyers - Lucky Me
13. Katja Vandl - Baby So Long
14. The Blueberry Hillbillies - In Love
15. The Blueberry Hillbillies - Something To Remember
16. The Brylcream Band - Help Yourself
17. The Brylcream Band - Are You In?
18. The Jo Roberts Big Band - Besame Mucho
19. The Brylcream Band - Blondie's Theme
20. The Brylcream Band - Een Dode Cactus
21. The Brylcream Band - Home Sweet Home
22. Jeugd En Muziek Orkest Antwerpen - Something To Remember
23. Jeugd En Muziek Orkest Antwerpen - Zelfmoord
24. Jeugd En Muziek Orkest Antwerpen - Afscheid

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