Thursday, October 29, 2015

Enrique Iglesias-Enrique (1999)


When there's a particular artist's music that's been playing over and over inside of my head and won't get out of my system for the life of me, it's time to give that artist some of the "Music Spectrum" spotlight! I should've known good and well that, the very day I decided to play my CD copy of my favorite Spanish pop singer's English debut album in my car stereo about a week or so ago, I would have just about work it out all over again from so many countless replays! So finally, here I am now, excitedly giving my first ever feature presentation on Enrique Iglesias. I could probably write a novel explaining everything that I like about the guy who's been crowned 'The King Of Latin Pop', but for the sake of time and space, I believe a respectable review of the music contained here on his 1999 effort will be sufficient. Though I must say—before saying anything else—that Enrique is one whom I'd definitely put into that category of truly beautiful male vocalists; there's so many many in that category that I adore! He certainly makes each and every one of his festively Latin-flavored dance jams a spectacular listen: "Rhythm Divine", "Be With You", "Bailamos".....and let me not forget the mention the Spanish version of "Rhythm Divine" as well, "Ritmo Total". I especially love listening to him sing on his more mellow, emotionally aching selections: "Sad Eyes" (that one almost brings tears to my own eyes), "I'm Your Man", "Could I Have This Kiss Forever?" (could I listen to this song forever?; his memorable duet with the late pop queen, Whitney Houston, is like romantically epic!) and "You're My #1", which so happens to be my #1 favorite from this album!

1. Rhythm Divine
2. Be With You
3. I Have Always Loved You
4. Sad Eyes
5. I'm Your Man
6. Oyeme
7. Could I Have This Kiss Forever? [feat. Whitney Houston]
8. You're My #1
9. Alabao
10. Bailamos
11. Ritmo Total (Rhythm Divine)
12. Mas De Amar (Sad Eyes)
13. No Puedo Mas Sin Ti (I'm Your Man)

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