Friday, October 30, 2015

Kurt Maloo-Single (1990)


Couldn't help it—I needed another listen to my newly-discovered Swiss pop singer Kurt Maloo after the tunes on his "Soul & Echo" album dazzled me, and tonight was the night that I was gonna do exactly that! There's not a single tune here on this debut solo effort of his that fails to dazzle me once again, thanks to that same soothing voice of his and the breezy, ambient melodies that coast right along with it. Putting me in that chilled mood right away was the tender opener, "Lovegrow". And from that point forward, my own love—that is, for the music here—just kept growing and growing, finding special appeal for the haunting number , "You Drive Your Life (But This Time)" (love that double electronic voice effect again, something that he uses so well in his songs), the tender piece "End Of The Season" (and this one totally qualifies as another one of those romantic 'forever' songs that I could drift away with endlessly) and the exquisitely smooth "River" (given the nature of his music production and the title itself, I knew that the nice n' smooth approach would be the way he'd deliver this particular song). That talk-rap style that I found so charming from my first round with his "Soul & Echo" album is also featured here as well on "Land Of 1000 Trances". Then there's a couple of tunes I simply enjoyed because of the jazz accompaniment: "Can't Banish Love" (well, the jazz part only comes at the end, but I'll take it however it comes) and "Food For The Moon", where Kurt adds a bit of funky upbeat spunk to liven up the listening senses

1. Lovegrow
2. You Blew In
3. Land Of 1000 Trances
4. You Drive Your Life (But This Time)
5. End Of The Season
6. Highs And Lows
7. Shark In The Blue Lagoon
8. Can't Banish Love
9. River
10. Food For The Moon

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