Saturday, October 31, 2015

MK feat. Alana-Surrender (1993)


While trick-or-treaters all over America are enjoying the sweet treats being dropped into their goodie bags on this Halloween night, I thought I would share a sweet treat myself for the entire music world to enjoy! I'd discovered the short-lived duo of the L.A.-based DJ/producer Marc Kinchen and sultry r&b singer Alana Simon in yet another one of my past explorations into the house music genre, and I was immediately interested in obtaining their first and only album they released—"Surrender"—banking on the idea that these short-lived artists always seem to have something great for my ears to listen to. Or should I just say jam to? Because that's precisely what I did, especially when the rhythms sped up on all of the full-out house jams that made me want to get up and start dancing! That special select few consists of Track #2's "Always", plus "Reality", the instrumental groove called "The MK Appella" (their stylized way of saying 'acapella' there, I presume; I like the 'wrong number dial tone' electronic accompaniment to the dreamy melody here, too) and my favorite, the instantly infectious "Burning", which is truly the hot sugar rush that I needed! Though it's not just a house party on this album; it's also a funky hip-house/r&b party as well, which kicks off with the mid-tempo cut "Crazy Crazy" (I sooooooooooooooo wish there was a dance remix of this one; it totally feels like it could've been given the club treatment, given the way the song glides along) and concludes with "Precious Jewels". Was teased in between those two, perhaps, a couple of times after that one with "Only You" and "Love Changes". Me always the sucker for cover songs—and for the awesome 80's, of course—immediately thought about the YAZOO and CLIMIE FISHER hits by the same titles. My expectations weren't fulfilled this time around, but I still enjoyed these MK/Alana originals nonetheless. But the jam really enjoyed from the funky r&b side of this hip-house party? "Almost Gave Up", which was just as much of an instant catch as "Crazy, Crazy". Then possibly this album's finest gem also happens to be the one with the slowest beat: the title track itself. A real finger-snapper this one is, and the longer you hear Alana's sultry voice against the smooth groove, not to mention those cool digital voice effects echoing 'surrender' and other words in the lyrics in the background, the quicker it grows on you:

1. Crazy, Crazy
2. Always
3. Only You
4. Almost Gave Up
5. Burning
6. Love Changes
7. Surrender
8. The MK Appella
9. Reality
10. Precious Jewels

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