Thursday, October 22, 2015

Natasha's Brother-Always Come Back To You (1990)


Weird timing—almost a bit spooky even! And I assure you this is all treat and not a trick whatsoever! Just hours after I commented about pop stars Natasha Bedingfiend and her brother, Daniel Bedingfield, in yesterday's review of the "Maid In Manhattan" soundtrack, I'm now getting the chance to discuss my thoughts about another Natasha's Brother, the curious alias of a singer named Robert Matarazzo, whose debut solo album "Always Come Back To You" came to my attention not very long ago. And now I can proudly say that the title track, which is featured in the animated film, "The Nutcracker Prince", has just became a new favorite of mine to add to my soft rock-listening library! I love these kinds of magical duets: this one, Peabo Bryson's & Celine Dion's "Beauty And The Beast", Peabo Bryson's & Regina Belle's "A Whole New World".....always so romantically epic and timeless. The female singer of the pair, Rachelle Cappelli, is a singer who's rather unfamiliar to me (I'd gotten introduced to her through my blog affiliate, "The Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars"), but her powerful vocal contributions she gives alongside Matarazzo here have certainly made a lasting impact on me! "Always Come Back To You": surely a hit back in 1990 on the easy-listening radio airwaves. I ended up playing it myself at least three times already, savoring especially the ending moment when they join together in unison to sing the final words of the song 'come back to you'. When the opening track is so dazzling, it makes it hard wanting to check out the rest of the songs, but I somehow managed to let go and reached new ground with Track #2's "Higher Ground". But it wasn't until I got to the third selection, "Sara Smile", where I would truly begin to admire Robert's versatile singing talent, noting how fluttery it would become when singing the lyrics 'like you, and me, forever'. Well, I had already admired him so much on the opener, but perhaps hearing him here in solo form in conjunction with the slowed-down tempo allowed me to absorb his versatile talents more deeply. Then something that really made me smile: the delightful upbeat pop perkiness of "(Shoot) The Look Of Love", whose production (specifically something in the synthesized arrangement) caused me to think about THE DOOBIE BROTHERS' 1979 hit, "What A Fool Believes". Some fun lyrics on this song, too; 'you can't hide when your eyes send the look of love' is just one of my favorite lines. There was the 90's Dutch boyband CAUGHT IN THE ACT and their Eurodisco hit "Caught In The Act Of Love", but before that, there was Robert's haunting ballad by the same name. The highlight of this one? Hands down—his amazing soaring voice! The mood changes up dramatically on "Would You Die For Me?", the distinctive chords of the lonely guitar creating a rather bluesy feel beneath his earnest words of wondering what the lady in his life would do for him as he promises to do for her, the jazzy trumpet/guitar combination adding a lovely finishing touch to close it all out. Nothing like a couple of lively pick-me-up numbers to jam to after that: "A Little More Love" (got hooked onto this one the longer it kept playing) and "(You Keep Me) Running Back To You", where Robert shows off that amazing soaring voice of his once more as the music draws to a close. And in the spirit of the title to the concluding track, it's albums like this that always make me want to come running back to the early 90's to relive pop music of that time all over again:

1. Always Come Back To You (Love Theme From 'The Nutcracker Prince')
2. Higher Ground
3. Sara Smile
4. Someone Like You
5. (Shoot) The Look Of Love
6. Caught In The Act Of Love
7. Hand On Your Heart
8. Would You Die For Me?
9. A Little More Love
10. (You Keep Me) Running Back To You

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