Friday, October 2, 2015

OCEANIC-That Compact Disc By Oceanic (1992)


Yeah, there have been albums with more original titles, but in a way, it has a catchy, stylistic ring to it; something different than just a simple self-titling, I suppose. As for the music by this short-lived English group, well, it's pretty simple, too. Simplicity—that's what was so much fun about the early-90's music in general. From the moment the sharp vocals of OCEANIC's female lead singer and the soothing ambiance of the calming introductory piece, "Is This The End?", filled my ears, I shifted into take-it-and-go mode, which is where I can sit back, relax and listen to an album without the lyrics being overly important to my enjoyment. In fact, that versatile voice of hers is that main thing that I loved about that 1992 compact disc—she really is that good! It's so sweet and pleasantly angelic on two other similarly breezy tunes as "Strut" (more like a float through a daydream, sinking in to this one), "Moments In Time" and "Ignorance", which is groove approved by me personally with the accompanying trumpet jazzing the music up during the instrumental break. But that divalicious persona breaks out in her when those same vocals become gritty and bold and the charged-up high-energy beats first bust out on "Insanity". The angelic pleasantness, however, seeps into your ears again on "Heavenly Feel"; so appropriate that her voice should have the haunting echoing after-effects for a song with this title. Those beats really get wicked on "Wicked Love", beats that are more along the lines of tech-house with a synthpop feel and a touch of spacey ambiance. And those vocals are pretty wicked, too! The beats intensify when the music takes control of your senses on the next jam, "Controlling Me", then again a couple of tracks later on "Using Me", which totally reminds me of an ERASURE song I've hear recently; at least the delivery of the lyrics and the arrangement of the song is reminiscent of Andy Bell and company. In fact, now that I think about it, "Insanity" sounds totally ERASURE-esque itself, and something reinforcing that thought is the 'Legendary Mix' of "Insanity" found near the end. Could it even actually be an ERASURE original.....? In a production that features a little bit of everything that I like in my music, it seemed fitting for there to be a completely non-vocal cut for the instrumental lovers such as myself: "Give This Love Some Meaning"—a beautiful specimen of ambient house music, I must say. A nice throwback treat for synthpop fans and 90's house fanatics alike this compact disc is, and a nice way to kick off what should be a month full of treats here at "The Music Spectrum" as the traditional holiday of sweet treats looms closer with each passing day:

1. Is This The End?
2. Insanity [Dream Tripper Edit]
3. Heavenly Feel
4. Wicked Love
5. Ignorance
6. Controlling Me
7. Strut
8. Using Me
9. Give This Love Some Meaning [Instrumental]
10. Moments In Time
11. Insanity [Legendary Mix]
12. Wicked Love [K-Klass Club Dub Edit]

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