Tuesday, October 27, 2015

P-CASSO - Masterpiece [MAXI-SINGLE] (1996)


Here's another quickie treat from my trance collection, which also happens to be something else I've pulled from the 'P' entries in my music library as I continue to get it nice and organized the way I want it. The German techno project going by the alias P-CASSO only managed to create a handful of singles during their abbreviated music exposition, 1996's "Masterpiece" the first to be put on display. The minimal, deep-throated vocals of the group's male DJ are probably enough to put anyone into a trancey, hypnotic state, though the energetic, high-octane beat and the dreamy melody are the two big reasons why I've made this single—particularly the 7+ minute 'Long Cut' mix—a part of my extended listening playlist:

1. Masterpiece (Short Cut)
2. Masterpiece (Long Cut)
3. Masterpiece (Alternative Cut)

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