Thursday, October 22, 2015

Pebbles-Pebbles (1987)


Couldn't help it—yet another trip back to the 80's while I was chilling out on a lazy Thursday afternoon. With all of the organization I've been doing with the 'P' entries in my music collection, I was bound to get tempted to listen to some old hits of Pebbles eventually. May as well start with her self-titled album, eh? As soon as I put it on, I promptly treated my ears to a replay of my #1 favorite Pebbles song, "Mercedes Boy". This is one of those that screams ' 80's jam ' to the max! 'Do you wanna ride in my mercedes, boy?'—will never forget the lyrics, and I've always loved the way 'ride' is echoed after the first delivery of those lyrics in the main chorus (''rye-E-ide' is my best way of sounding it out). The memorable opening cut, "Girlfriend", screams for real—that is, when Pebbles and her backup crew deliver that spunky break where they shout, 'I've cried my last cry, I'm out the door babe, there's other fish in the sea!'; that's my favorite part on the whole song! Think she made the message to her girlfriend (and all the other ladies out there dealing with the name no-good man) crystal clear? Oh how sweet it was to hear "Two Hearts" again,my #2 Pebbles favorite. The instant I heard the funky beat and the hook, 'two hearts are better than one', a whole flood of 80's memories came rushing to me. Fellow old-school pop/r&b singer Nicole McCloud covered this hit a year later, and I love it just the same! Had been a long time since I heard the next two—"First Step (In The Right Direction)" and "Take Your Time"; though I had that oh-yeah-I-remember-that-one feeling the moment I heard the hook to the latter. 'Take your time, admit it': that's the part of the song that's gotten hooked to it all over again. Feels like I'd heard "Do You Right" even before Pebbles recorded this—an early-80's disco tune of some kind by somebody along the lines of SHALAMAR. Definitely didn't remember "Love/Hate", even if it was featured in the "Beverly Hills Cop II" movie, which I haven't watched in ages. But I sure remembered the soothing, slowed-down groove and the twinkly melody of "Baby Love", my #2 Pebbles favorite, which is a nice lead-in to this album's concluding track, "Give Me Your Love", where Pebbles' sweet, angelic vocals, tender words and the accompanying sexiness of the saxophone melody makes it a prime candidate for somebody's 'Slow Jam Of The Night':

1. Girlfriend
2. Two Hearts
3. First Step (In The Right Direction)
4. Take Your Time
5. Slip Away
6. Mercedes Boy
7. Do You Right
8. Love / Hate
9. Baby Love
10. Give Me Your Love

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