Thursday, October 8, 2015

Peter Cetera-World Falling Down (1992)


Now here's a familiar voice from the 'P' entries in my music collection.....and certainly one of the more popular male vocalists from the entire easy-listening genre. Really, anybody and anything connected to one of the greatest American rock bands of all time—that would be none other than CHICAGO—deserves a moment in the spotlight here at "The Music Spectrum"! 1992's "World Falling Down" is one of my favorite solo albums by CHICAGO's iconic lead singer, Peter Cetera; I consider it as one of my 'go-to' albums when I am in that especially nostalgic mood. And the opening track, "Restless Heart", happens to be my #1 favorite—one of the greatest contemporary soft rock love songs of its time having one of the best hooks around, that part where the banging drums play on every beat to his delivery of line 'don't leave me here with my restless heart' totally driving this song home and making it the hit that it was and still is! "Even A Fool Can See"—yep, that's a memorable favorite of mine, too, as I always get attached to these soothing pieces, and even more so when there's a nice instrumental break in the production—the keyboards are the music highlight here—to be enjoyed. Then there's the memorable duet that had surprised me when I first heard years ago: "Feels Like Heaven". The surprise? Well, that would be Pete's singing partner, none other than the legendary Chaka Khan, whom one might associate exclusively with soul and funk music and not so much with the soft rock genre. Two vocalists with distinctively stunning voices—they really do make an awesome pair, and I love how they bring it all soft and mellow when they sing the verses, then bring it loud and powerful for the big hook. Sounds like heaven to me! Speaking of power, "Man In Me", yet another memorable favorite of mine (oh, how I love this one because of the graceful manner in which the song moves, mellowing out with terrific jazzy instrumentals after the big hook), qualifies as that proverbial power ballad, while the concluding piece, "Have You Ever Been In Love?", lies on the opposite end of the spectrum as being a touching piano ballad whose lyrics of romantic reflection sure causes the listener to search his own heart to answer the question posed in the song's thought-provoking title. As great a balladeer that CHICAGO's iconic lead man is, I'm equally fond of his more harder-rocking selections, and the pair of songs here that my ears meet with adoration is the album's title track and Track #7's "Where There's No Tomorrow", the latter one which I probably don't enjoy enough of despite it's amazing power hook that keeps me hooked to the music all throughout. So if it ever seems that your world is falling down and you need a little pick-me-up, take a few minutes to tune in to this 1992 beauty of Peter Cetera's that I've served up for your listening pleasure:

1. Restless Heart
2. Even A Fool Can See
3. Feels Like Heaven [with Chaka Khan]
4. Wild Ways
5. World Falling Down
6. Man In Me
7. Where There's No Tomorrow
8. The Last Place God Made
9. Dip Your Wings
10. Have You Ever Been In Love?

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