Monday, October 19, 2015

PLEJ-Electronic Music From The Swedish Leftcoast [Limited Edition] (2003)


'I solemnly pledge eternal allegiance to the electronic/ambient music genre'. Just thought I'd begin my review with something inspired by my accidental mispronunciation of the name of this Swedish duo PLEJ who, as I found out earlier today, actually pronounces their name 'play'; the 'J' must be a silent in the Swedish language. But enough playing around; the music here on this double-disc edition of the duo's debut is for the serious chill-out enthusiast! I myself have already been chilled to the bone many times over as a result of several cuts that I'd enjoyed many years ago, my #1 favorite of the bunch being Track #2's "Blue", a slightly-jazzy, dreamy downtempo groove with the soothing, soulful vocals of a guy named Jonatan Bäckelie adding an especially cooling touch. Coincidentally, his voice is also featured on another favorite of mine: Track #8's "You", which is a disco lover's dream—even more so for me, with the jazz element present here as well. So nice that there are a pair of alternate remixes of both of these favorites on this special edition's second CD. Then there's the ear candy that is the mid-tempo piece "Jabo's Night Out", where there's a lot of swirly ambient riffs and other cool effects going on in the production to help you 'get your freak on', as the looping lyrics go. It's the sweet melody of the trumpet creating that day-dreamy feel that attracts me to "Paus". And one that really locks me into a lazy state? The slow-tempo cut, "A Jabo Thought", with its deep groove and drum n' bass. This "Electronic Music From The Swedish Leftcoast" is totally right on point. I could fill up an entire day with it, me being the ultimate smooth jazz and instrumental lover, but as it was for me, it was just over an hour that the hypnotic arrangements dazzled my ears:

CD #1

1. Lay Of The Land
2. Blue
3. Evum
4. Song
5. Jabo's Night Out
6. Thrill
7. Shimmer
8. You
9. Soulset
10. Seasons
11. Paus
12. A Jabo Thought

CD #2

1. Lay Of The Land (Jimpster's Vocal Version)
2. You (Kompis Mix)
3. Evum (Cloud Mix)
4. You (Plej 12 Mix)
5. Blue (Akufen's Different Shade Of Blue Mix)
6. And So Lay The Land
7. Keep You Hird (Plej Remix)
8. Seasons (Hird Warm Up Session Mix)

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