Saturday, October 17, 2015

Renée Geyer-Sweet Life (1999)


Oh my goodness—THE best new voice I've discovered all week! In exactly the same way I'd gotten acquainted with yesterday's featured "Music Spectrum" guest, Tommy Emmanuel—through my in-depth research into all of the singles released by the Australian boyband, CDB—is how I got introduced to the amazing husky voice of this Renée Geyer. In just the few biographical notes that I've read about her so far, she's no doubt highly regarded as an exquisite, top-notch soul singer and is perhaps a true Aussie soul legend, having been around since the mid-70's, according to her discography. It's the 90's, however, where her connection with CDB lies. Skip to the fourth track here on Renée's 1999 album, "Sweet Life", and you'll hear the collective harmony of the CDB boys against Renée's lofty voice, a stellar combination that works extremely well for this joint collaboration of the timeless TEMPTATIONS/DIANA ROSS & THE SUPREMES Motown favorite. The classy production is right on point; you'd truly believe you were listening to the 1968 original! As usual, there's a whole lot more music sweetness beyond just the one song that I had acquired the album for. It was quite tempting, but I hadn't skipped to "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me"—opting to play the album in proper order—so I would first get captivated by this lovely Aussie lady the very second the marvelous r&b groove of "Best Times" hit my ears. From that point forward, I was totally locked in (and you would be, too!) and in cruise control, though I mentally couldn't help taking note of the songs that were especially appealing to me. It was the analogy of a foolish man to a little child that struck me on "You Broke A Beautiful Thing". Just as children are physically breaking things all of the time, so is the man in her life, though he's breaking something more precious than his own toys. But how can she be angry at him? He's just a child. And oh how so wonderful the bluesy music moves here. "Cake And The Candle": My immediate mental musings depicted a wedding cake, and I turned out that I was pretty much right on, once the singing of the lyrics got under way. Beautifully bluesy is this somber piece about the Aussie singer wanting it all, but not having it all, when it comes to love—the cake, the candle, and the cherry and whipped cream on top, too. And the orchestral accompaniment providing that somber melody? It's sooooooooosss breathtaking! "Killer Lover" grabbed my attention right from the title, then continued to grab hold of me when I started taking in the creative lyrics about her man making like an assassin who stalks her with burning passion, the infusion of the hard rock guitars adding intensity and to the suspenseful theme. These songs I've highlighted stood out as the sweetest moments for me personally, but really, every song here on "Sweet Life" is a sweet moment for the soul music lovers out there to indulge in:

1. Best Times
2. Heaven (The Closest I'll Get)
3. You Broke A Beautiful Thing
4. I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
5. From Now On
6. Play Me
7. Knowing You Were Loved
8. Cake And The Candle
9. Don't Be So Sad
10. Killer Lover
11. My Back Room

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