Wednesday, October 14, 2015

TECHNOTRONIC-Pump Up The Jam (1989)


Need a little pick me up tonight? Then pump up the jam! Hard to believe that one of my favorite all-time Eurodance albums actually came before the 90's technically got here! It was only 1989 when the Belgian dance group TECHNOTRONIC recorded what would become one of the signature Eurodance anthems in the following decade. But as I took another trip down musical memory lane earlier today (inspired by some recent house music talk through past conversations with a fellow 90's dance music lover) when I listened in on the group's memorable debut album, it still sounds like "Pump Up The Jam" came straight out of the mid-90's with its glitzy production. Nice to hear those unforgettable hip-hop vocals of Ya Kid K again after such a long time singing those familiar lyrics: 'get your booty on the floor tonight, make my day'. But before I'd even started from the top with the album's proper lead-off title track, I absolutely had to treat myself first to my #1 TECHNOTRONIC favorite: "Move This". Here's another one that I first heard from a television commercial (I couldn't say what the commercial was even advertising) before hearing it in radio or CD format. Surely, I wasn't the only one who immediately got hooked to it the moment Ya Kid K's bold and lovely vocals delivering the memorable line 'shake that body for me' entered our ears! Of course, I love all of the lyrics, but that main chorus is marvelous: 'baby, let me show you how to move this, you gotta move this, you gotta move that...' And that melody with the synthesized arrangement and that thumping, pulsating beat.....pure dance heaven if you ask me! Oh, and it's an addiction, too. So are "Get Up", which is a close #4 TECHNOTRONIC favorite behind "Pump Up The Jam" (best line of the song—'before the night is over'), "This Beat Is Technotronic" (I remember this one well with the male MC at the mic) and "Rockin' Over The Beat", definitely my #2 TECHNOTRONIC favorite because of the production (particularly that carefree, dreamy melody, which actually sounds quite similar to that of "Move This") and the bold manner in which Ya Kid K brings the line 'united we stand, divided we fall' (emphasis on the 'fall'). There's a lot more of the techno and electronic going on with "Come On" and "Come Back", which are fun to hear, as the minimal vocals gives the production team a chance to show off the fruits of their mixing talents. One might not associate mid-tempo cuts like "Take It Slow" with this Belgian group—I myself didn't recall a single beat of this album's fourth track until I played it today—but it proves how versatile many of these early dance groups were. So whether you like it slow, middle of the road or pumpin' real hard, I invite you to pump up whatever jam here gets you going because it just might make your day as it surely made mine:

1. Pump Up The Jam
2. Get Up
3. Tough
4. Take It Slow
5. Come On
6. This Beat Is Technotronic
7. Move This
8. Come Back
9. Rockin' Over The Beat
10. Raw
11. Wave
12. Blue

*****BONUS TRACKS*****

13. Pump Up The Jam [Top FM Mix]
14. Pump Up The Jam [The Panama Mix]
15. Pump Up The Jam [B-Room Mix]

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