Sunday, November 22, 2015

Christian Forss-Christian Forss (2004)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: November 22, 2015

Proof that I'm still hip to these televised "Idols" reality shows—and the endless sea of hopefuls who vie for pop music stardom—is right here with Christian Forss, a finalist during the inaugural season of the Finnish version of "Idols" back in 2003. I think he could've been more than just a finalist, but the fact that he released his self-titled debut album a year later demonstrates that somebody watching him believed that his singing talents were noteworthy. I'd have to concur after filling my ears up for the past 24 hours with these thirteen studio recordings, all of them getting the seal of approval by me personally. "Unforgettable" and its cool electro-synthpop arrangement is a cool way to start off this unforgettable pop album, even if the unforgettable lyrics about a totally uncool girl and her totally uncool ways of breaking the Finnish singer's heart won't allow him to forget about her, no matter how hard he tries. There's quite a lot of unforgettable moments for me on this album, actually. "Terry's Inside" is another one of those such moments; a song telling a touching story with a comforting piano accompaniment grips me every time. "Steady" is a third moment; it's the perfect easy-listening, soft rock radio-worthy tune as Christian's mellow voice delivers the charming words about getting ready to make that first step in inviting someone into your life. "From The Heart", another mellow heart-charmer, is a fourth; I like the slight raise in his voice when he sings a favorite line of mine, 'believe in the dream'. Charming the heart even further is "U And Me", and this is one that I truly wish was much longer than its 3+ minutes of playtime. I was so in tune with the exotic, atmospheric backing melody that I could've listened to it all night long. Could say the same about Track #4's "Bounce", a fun moment because its hip, it's sexy, and has that mid-90's boyband style production that I adore. Probably was a filler track, which is fine, because I can fill up on these kids of jams any day of week! Had just as much fun with "Give It To Me" four tracks later for the same reason that I like "Bounce", except the music on "Give It To Me" is a lot edgier as it's infused with a more intense, techno/rock charge. "The Way Story Goes", a mellow yet refreshing guitar-driven tune is fun, too; I like how it's delivered in story format with each verse being a chapter in the storybook of Christian's life. Then perhaps the most beautiful moment within this album of beautiful moments is the warming concluding ballad, "Lost In The Moment". Ever wished that a moment could last forever? That's the theme for this gem, and I'd imagine it'll be a similar theme for you as well once you begin listening to the songs on this album and realizing that you won't want to stop listening to the ones that you adore the most:

1. Unforgettable
2. That's How It Goes
3. Terry's Inside
4. Bounce
5. Steady
6. We'll Never Say Goodbye
7. It's All About You
8. Give It To Me
9. From The Heart
10. U And Me
11. If I Was A River
12. The Way Story Goes
13. Lost In The Moment

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