Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Christian Forss-Hungry Heart (2005)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: November 24, 2015

Hungry for more pop music? Perhaps a second helping of Finnish idol Christian Forss will satisfy your appetite the same way it did for me. Wanted to make sure that I served up his second and final solo album immediately while I was still savoring his voice and the sounds from his self-titled debut, and I accomplished exactly that! There are even more succulent delicacies to indulge in here on "Hungry Heart", and for me personally, I found a certain trio to be especially appetizing. "Sunshine" totally reigns supreme as the best of the batch, having made my musical day with its catchy reggae-pop beat, sunny melody and even sunnier words of romantic poetry, the accompaniment of the soft piano adding a glittery, charming touch all throughout. 'Sunshine after the rain'—my favorite line from the song, and something that we all could use in our lives. 'I gotta hear that again': those were my words immediately following the breathtaking three-and-a-half minutes that had made my pop-hungry heart full and complete. "U And Me" satisfied me and my heart even further; mixing the mellow and the sweet is always a perfect formula for suckering me into a guilty musical pleasure. There's the jam called "Bounce" on Christian's self-titled debut, and then there's more pop bounce to the ounce with "I Wanna Be With You"; simple lyrics + cool beat = another perfect formula for simply fun pop music. The aforementioned trio were my favorites from the "Hungry Heart" dinner menu, but the other items are savory to my music taste as well. The opening title cut is a spirited number with a lot of lively rock energy (a sound that's actually a dominating ingredient once you get to sample the remaining items on the menu) and with it came my latest 'Music Surprise Of The Day', as it's companion 'Simlish Version' entitled "Hubny Harb" found at the very end apparently comes from one of the titles to the hugely-popular PC game series called "The Sims" (haven't played any of those in ages!). I'll have to give "Half A Chance" many more chances.....to play inside my ears, that is, as something in the flow and the words to this song had captivated me, though whatever it was, it seemed to pass by too quickly for me to grasp it. Just as energetically upbeat as the title cut is Track #4's "Enough". A mixed bag of emotions channeling through this one, as the message being delivered by the Finnish singer is that he's simply had enough of the girl who's got him all mixed up (and I'm sure he's not alone when it comes to ever feeling that way about somebody!). His emotions are more settled while the theme is the exact reverse on the calming tender piece "Please". And with that, I finish up by recommending that you please yourself to a helping or two of Christian's "Hungry Heart"; it's got plenty of delectable treats that you're ears will crave:

1. Hungry Heart
2. Half A Chance
3. It's Time To Say Goodbye
4. Enough
5. Sunshine
6. How Far?
7. What A Fool
8. I Wanna Be With You
9. Please
10. Play For Keeps
11. Emotions
12. Hubny Harb (Simlish Version)

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